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?Split to Hvar to Korcula by ferry – in one day??

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    I’ve seen a number of references (from multiple sources) that suggest it’s possible to take a ferry from Split to Hvar (leaving Split early in the day), spend a few hours there in Hvar, and then get on a (another, different?) ferry to Korcula, arriving at Korcula in the evening, all in a single day.  This would essentially allow someone to make a short stop to visit Hvar for a few hours on the way to Korcula.

    I’ve looked over ferry schedules and this does not seem possible – at least not in late May when I’m trying to do this. It appears to me that the ferry from Split to Hvar does not leave Split until 14:00, arriving in Hvar within an hour, but then there is not ferry to Korcula later in the day.

    Is there a different ferry from Split to Hvar that goes earlier, that I’m not finding?  Did one of the ferry routes get canceled?

    Note that I’d like to do this in May, which appears to be classified as “off season” for the ferries.

    Thanks for any tips.


    There is a ferry from Hvar to Korcula at 17.10:



    Yes, but – unless I’m missing something, that ferry is the one that leaves from Split at 16:00.  It arrives at Hvar at 16:50, and then leaves for Korcula just 20 minutes later.  That means yes, you can get from Split to Korcula in one day, but you can’t really do what I’d like to do: get off the ferry in Hvar for a few hours, then continue on to Korcula.

    I’ve seen several sources that claim it’s possible to do that (ferry from Split to Hvar, get off in Hvar for 2 – 3 hours to explore, then get on a ferry onward to Korcula – all in one day).

    Maybe there’s an earlier ferry that leaves from Split to Hvar?  The only one I have found leaves Split at 16:00.  A morning ferry would be perfect,  Is there one?



    I have read the same in the travel book we use; but the book we use is only updated every couple of years so maybe something has changed.

    You are probably aware that there are two major carriers: Jadrolinija – they run the large car carrying ferries and Krilo – they run the faster catamarans. The websites don’t offer much help with the schedules IMO. The other thing to be aware of is if the seas are rough the catamarans may not run.

    The only advice I can offer is my experience. I did this trip in September 2011 but spent 2 days in Korcula and a day in Hvar. I caught the ~10:30 AM Jadrolinija Split to Vela Luka then took a bus (1hr) to Korcula town (bus meets the ferry) arrived in Korcula town around 2:30PM.

    At 6AM on the 3rd day I caught the Catamaran to Hvar – Buy your ticket the night before. They begin sales around 18 or 19:00. If the catamaran does not arrive due to weather they don’t sell tickets for the morning return. Spent a nice day in Hvar and then returned to Split on the next mornings catamaran – again buy your return ticket the day before.

    Probably the best thing to do is once you are on the ground in Split is to go the ferry office down on the Riva and check the current schedules and options. If I have to choose between the two islands I think I liked Korcula better.

    Best of luck and have fun.



    johnwo – this is a good suggestion 

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