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Split to Pag Island

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    What is the easiest way to get from Split to Novalja?  Ferry all the way?  Bus then ferry?


    I am not sure but it seems there is daily ferry from Rijeka to Novalja departing at 17.00 arriving Novalja 19.30.
    I will check for you and post again.


    Bus SPLIT – NOVALJA depart 07.30 arrival 12.30
    Bus NOVALJA  – SPLIT depart 13.30 arrival  18.40
    Bus line by AUTOTRANS RIJEKA d.o.o.RIJEKA bus company.
    Updated timetable is here : http://www.ak-split.hr/HR/vozni.red/VozniRedOdlazaka.aspx

    Also, any bus that drives from Split to Rijeka takes you to Prizna where you take ferry to ?igljen ( see bellow map) on Pag.

    Map of Pag & Novalja:


    Thank you.



    Me and my girlfriend are travelling to travel to Novalja Pag by Ferry. Can you advise us which Ferry to get & what the times are. We are hoping to leave tomnorrow. We are travelling by bus from the Old Town Dubrovnik to Zadar as this is where we are told the Ferry leaves from. We are just unsure of where to go & what the times are. Can you please help us??


    Take bus to prizna and ferry from there to zigljen (pag )

    ferries to pag are here:

    prizna to zigljen ferry schedule is here:


    Rijeka is an absolute hidden gem and while most of you won’t encounter it on your travels and even fewer of you will fly in to it, it still offers one rather special thing that no other place in Croatia can quite manage… A direct boat service to and from Novalja. This leaves at 5pm, so if you’re able to get to Rijeka by that time then we’d highly recommend it! It’s also in a pretty handy location if you’re heading from Italy or nearby places in Croatia such as Pula and even Zagreb isn’t too far away.


    Pag Island is well known for at least 4 things, the first of them you meet (or at least their parents) just after crossing the bridge! Paski lamb is consider to be one of the best lambs you can get in Croatia, if not even in Europe, do to the high concentration of salt on the Island, the sheep’s diet consisting of grass and wild herbs gives the lam from here a very special taste.
    Driving would be a good alternative but maybe you are set on not renting a car. Could you possibly bus to Zadar, which should be more frequent from Split, and then find transfer from there out to Pag.

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