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The entry for the 8th edition of Terra Incognita in Croatia is opened!

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    Dear friends and colegues,

    The entry for the 8th edition of Terra Incognita in Croatia is opened!

    So, call your buddy, get in the car, put bikes on the roof and get to Croatia! Terra Incognita is the only expedition adventure race for two member teams.

    See more about Terra Incognita 2007 adition at: http://www.adventurerace.hr

    About Terra Incognita 2007
    Terra Incognita is an Expedition Adventure Race that covers over 400 km through Croatia – one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes on the European Continent. Two person teams race non-stop for 24 hours a day during five days and five nights. They must make it from the start to the finish by themselves with no outside help. Navigating over the entire course the teams must overcome demanding challenges of mountain biking, sea and river kayaking, hiking, canyoneering and fixed ropes descending. In order to succeed competitors need to rely on their team-mate, their survival skills and their mental and physical preparedness. Strategy of movement, resting, sleeping and planning of food supplies and proper equipment is crucial. If one member drops out – the team is disqualified. Terra Incognita is designed to push the boundaries of human endurance. It takes a lot of courage to start the race and only the most relentless can finish. Finishing this race is an extraordinary achievement. Winning Terra Incognita is beyond description. In 2007 the 8th edition of Terra Incognita takes place in the South Adriatic region and will include very different landscapes: the South Adriatic Sea with its islands as the backdrop, Dalmatian mountains that rise from the sea and reach 1800 m of altitude, diverse lakes, rivers and the only remaining swamp on the Mediterranean!

    Why Croatia?
    Very affordable and easily accessible from anywhere in Europe. Now you can reach Croatian coast in just a few hours of driving from Vienna, Budapest or Venice, over recently completed and one of the Europe’s best highways.
    For flying in, several international airports are placed across the country, shortening the traveling time significantly. A pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails along the Adriatic coast, with an overwhelming number of sunny days, dry and hot summers, mild and humid winters.
    Due to its diverse geography, climate and food – you can experience Croatia in a short stay and leave with the feeling of traveling through several different countries.
    Croatia is neutral in global politics and it is very safe and friendly country for all visitors.

    Why Terra Incognita?
    Tradition. Persistance. 8 consistant years in the row. 8 editions of the race race so far.
    Competitors from 40 countries already participated at Terra incognita.
    The only expedition adventure race in the world for 2 member team.
    No support crew needed.
    Entry fee is only 700 euros per team.
    The race area is very affordable and easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.
    Frendly enviroment.
    Incrediblre natural inviroment.
    Challenging racing course.
    Unique experience.
    All competitors get free entry for Velebit Ultra Trail in July 2007.

    On how to get to Croatia and why choose Terra Incognita click here: http://www.adventurerace.hr/eng/tic_why.html

    If you want to get feeling of Terra Incognita – click here: http://www.adventurerace.hr/eng/tic_past_races.html

    Join us at Terra Incognita 2007 and experience the Mediterranean as Odysseus did!

    Best wishes,

    Terra Incognita Team

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