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Trieste to Rovinj Ferry or Bus the best way to go

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    For our trip to Croatia, we will be flying into Trieste.  The first destination is Rovinj.  Understand that a bus or ferry is the best way to go.  Have tried to research online, but am stymied by the language barrier.  Do we need to purchase tickets in advance? (will arrive 28 August).  Have reservations at a hotel in Rovinj 29 Aug., can stay overnight in Trieste travel to Rovinj & book an extra night.  Recommendations?  2nd destination is Zagreb.  Bus also??  3rd destination — indefinite, but interested in Split or vicinity.  Bus? or train? or flight?  Recommendations re: where to go, how to go, & where to stay?  Thank you!


    For Trieste to Rovinj the best way to go is indeed by bus or ferry.

    Although there is a ferry that goes to Rovinj from Trieste (https://ferryspots.com/trieste-rovinj-ferry/) check your arrival time at Trieste airport as this ferry goes in the mornings only. You may need to go by bus instead if you miss the morning departure.

    Re: Do you need to purchase tickets in advance? I would say yes, although you can risk and get your ticket on the day.

    Re traveling to Zagreb – yes, the bus is the best way or you can get there on a flight from Pula airport (distance is about 40 km) – see how to get there.

    Re traveling to Split – if you go to Zagreb first and then to Split it is much easier than going from Rovinj to Split. You can get on any bus from Zagreb to Split, they run numerous times per day.
    I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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