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Travel and Transport around Croatia

Croatia is a country that has a long coastline, so beside travelling on the mainland, one can use ferries to travel around Croatia too.
Ferry transport is very popular means of transport at the coastline.
We prepared here list with links to various options of travelling within Croatia as well as reaching Croatia from abroad. Please click on the following links to read more about particular means of travel:

  • Ferries – The Croatian coastal towns and cities are served by ferry and ship services. Islands that are inhabited are connected with the mainland and other islands by various ferry services. Off season travelling is restricted, but seasonal (summer) travel routes tend to be more frequent and some of fast hydrofoil / catamaran services are added too. Read about ferry sailing along croatian coast. Also some info about ferries that are sailing from Italy to Croatia.
  • Trains and train routes around Croatia – read about trains and train routes that serves around Croatia. Also some info about trains that run from other European countries to Croatia. Train and Railways Map of Croatia – large and detailed map

A-Z List of HAK Offices around Croatia

Trumbiceva 4,
Tel/Fax: (043) 241 466

Stanicna 11,
Tel/Fax: (052) 772 423

Kralja Tomislava bb,
Tel/Fax: (051) 241 440

Sportska 8,
Tel/Fax: (040) 328 778

Preradoviceva 18,
Tel/Fax: (043) 331 110

Supilova 107,
Tel/Fax: (051) 812 468

Tresnjevka 4,
Tel/Fax: (01) 6283 891

Gazanski trg 1,
Tel/Fax: (047) 613 613

Starogradska 45,
Tel/Fax: (048) 622 666

Zagrebacka 33,
Tel/Fax: (048) 681 063

Stjepana Radica 13,
Tel/Fax: (051) 221159

Dore Pejacevic 2,
Tel/Fax: (031) 613 674

Nova Gradiska
Kozarska 2,
Tel/Fax: (035) 361 653

Kralja Tomislava 180a,
Tel/Fax: (044) 600 337

Sv. L. B. Mandica 48,
Tel/Fax: (031) 211 113

Druzba Cirila i Metoda 3,
Tel/Fax: (052) 624 425

Kralja P. Svacica bb,
Tel/Fax: (020) 679 005

Stigliceva 34,
Tel/Fax: (052) 540 987

Dolac 11,
Tel/Fax: (051) 212 442, (051) 621 060 Preluk

Obala kralja Zvonimira 14,
Tel/Fax: (053) 881 120

Slavonski Brod
Primorska bb,
Tel/Fax: (035) 272 935

Komulovica put 2,
Tel/Fax: (021) 383 370

Gospodarska bb,
Tel/Fax: (042) 240 677

Josipa Matasovica 1,
Tel/Fax: (032) 306 987

Zbora narodne garde 13,
Tel/Fax: (033) 725 875

Zrinsko-Frankopanska 16,
Tel/Fax: (023) 315 365

Siget 17,
Tel/Fax: (01) 6526 887, (01) 6526 011

Naselje Secerana bb,
Tel/Fax: (032) 831 384

Local Transport in Croatian Places:

  • Split Airport

    Split Airport (SPU) is located in Kastela/Resnik, a small place, 25 kilometers west of Split and 6 km East of Trogir. It is locally called Zracna Luka Split. The airport serves Split, Trogir and wider Dalmatia inclusive of the Dalmatian Islands. Split Airport is the second largest in Croatia in …
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  • New Trogir – Ciovo bridge soon

    Representatives of the Hrvatske Ceste (HC) road operator and the Viadukt construction company last week signed a contract to build a bridge connecting the island of Ciovo to Trogir. The contract is worth 129.5 million Kuna. The construction of the bridge and the access roads around Trogir, estimated at HRK 230 …
    Read more » New Trogir – Ciovo bridge soon
  • Zadar Bus Map

    Zadar Bus Map Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: Zadar Airport Zadar Airport (ZAD) , locally called “Zracna Luka Zadar” is located in Zemunik Donji, a... Ryanair flights from Stockholm to Zadar  In addition to flights to Zadar from London, Dublin and Edinburgh, Ryanair, the popular Irish low-cost... …
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  • Railway Map of Croatia

    Railway Map of Croatia Map of Railway Network in Croatia Railways / Train Map of Croatia with indication of neighbouring countries and cities. Read more about CroatiaTrains and Railways Train Travel in Croatia Forum – Getting around by train in Croatia – for questions and answers about travelling by train …
    Read more » Railway Map of Croatia
  • Map of Split City Bus Transport

    Map of Split City Bus Transport – includes info about bus from Split Airport to Split Ferry Harbour / Ferry terminal, location of Split Train/Railway Station and Split Bus Station. Interactive map of Split Buses Timetable of Split City Buses Timetable of buses going from/ to Split: www.ak-split.hr Similar Info …
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  • Dubrovnik Airport

    Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is located at Cilipi, a small place, 23 kilometers east of Dubrovnik. There is one airport terminal that serves both domestic and international flights. Most international flights to Dubrovnik operate from April to October only – during tourist season. Airport Facilities: Money exchange office, ATM, Bank, Duty-Free, …
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  • Zadar Airport

    Zadar Airport (ZAD) , locally called “Zracna Luka Zadar” is located in Zemunik Donji, a small place about 8 km from the Zadar city centre, and its railway and bus stations. There is one airport terminal which serves both domestic and international flights. Most international flights to Zadar operate from …
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  • Zagreb Arrival, Departure and City Transport

    Zagreb has very good transport connections with other countries and other parts of Croatia. The airport is only 17 kilometers from the city center. In addition to Croatia Airlines, the national airline, the capital city is connected with the rest of the world by international regular and charter airlines (www.croatiaairlines.com). …
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  • Map of Zagreb Tram

    Map of Zagreb Tram – click to enlarge Similar Info About Travel to Croatia You May Like: Zagreb Tram – Zagrebacki Tramvaj The Zagrebacki elektricni tramvaj (ZET) (Zagreb Electric Tram) is the major transit authority responsible for... New plans for the Zagreb Public Transport System As a part of the …
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  • Zagreb Airport Bus

    Zagreb Airport is served by comfortable coaches that run from Zagreb city centre (Central Bus Station – Autobusni Kolodvor) to the Airport and back. The bus journey lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the conditions of the traffic. The ticket cost 30 Kuna – one way. No …
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