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Travel News and Articles of Croatia – 2005

The first Internet museum of old and discarded photographs has introduced a new service — sending personalised e-cards, authors of the Skarabej project said in a statement last week: http://www.skarabej.com The e-cards feature photographs of daily life of unknown people from all over the world. The on-line museum gives everyone a chance to participate in the exhibition by upolading their photographs from old family albums or discarded photos they have found, sharing them with everyone who likes to look at them. In its first year on-line, the website museum has had a high number of visits and elicited the interest of the most influential foreign media, including features on BBC radio and television. It is especially popular in South America, where Skarabej’s authors have become stars, read the statement by Anton Petrovic.The authors have received requests from some international artists for the possibility to use the photographs from the website and many bloggers use the photos to adorn their services. (Hina)

More info on this Croatia Art Project:

Croats build e-museum of daily life : (BBC ONline)

“The world is overflowing with information about rich and famous people,” Toni tells me as we walk around Zagreb’s largest flea market.

“We wanted to do something to remember the anonymous people in this world. The people who really make the world go round.

This website is in honour of those people.” … click to read whole BBC article on this Croatian Art Project

13.10.05-Reuters – Farm Tourism in Istria – For years, Portugal’s Algarve, France’s Provence or Tuscany in Italy have been leading the field for farm holidays in peaceful rural settings. The picturesque Istrian peninsula in Croatia’s northern Adriatic is keen to join their ranks. Judging by the Stancija Negricani, a sprawling farm estate surrounded by pastures and woodland in the hamlet of Divsici in the south of the peninsula, the idea may take off. In the past few years, the number of rural households offering accommodation and home-made food has risen from a handful to more than 200, spread across the triangle-shaped peninsula whose lush vegetation belies the closeness of the sea..

11.10.05 – BBC – Croatia’s homosexuals go public- More than 1,000 Croatian gays and lesbians have had their names published in several of the country’s newspapers in a bid for greater tolerance. One thousand two hundred names appeared in the advert under a banner reading: “I don’t want to hide any more.” It also carried the message: “Little divides us and a lot unites us. Reconsider your prejudice.” Homosexuals face severe prejudice in Croatia, where the influence of the Catholic Church is very strong.

07.10.05 – Croatia improves tourism infrastructure: More than eight million foreign tourists visited Croatia last year and the Croatian government is expecting more than 10 million in the next years. Thanks to the country’s supportive tourism private sector in tourism for efforts in improving the industry’s infrastructure. Hotels : Private and state investors spent 400 million euro last winter for hotel modernization older and construction. New small hotels, summerhouses, camping sites and restaurants infrastructure were established as a result. Previously state-owned hotels have also been revamped to meet international standards. Melia Sol and Thomas Cook are two examples. Airports: The government announced it will bring financial support for the construction of six new airfields, a 800-meter runway of 800 meters private airplanes, air taxi and rescue flights to the mainland and for short commuter air traffic to existing international airports. Airlines: Croatia is celebrating the creation of two new air carriers. Sun Adria Airlines, based in the Croatian capital Zagreb, started the scheduled flights to several European destinations, including Germany, using two Fokker 100 in the fleet. Dubrovnik Airline, based in Dubrovnik and jointly founded by the Croatian Atlantic Shipping Company and Dubrovnik Airport Authority, is providing summer charters and scheduled using MD-83s.

A third carrier, named European Coastal Airlines, is expected to be established within the next few weeks. Highways: The 380 kilometers long highway across mountain terrains between capital Zagreb and Split, the most important tourism center, finally opened June 29. Work is set to begin on Dubrovnik highway.

Croatia is a relatively small (56,500 square kilometers and 4.49 million inhabitants) independent post communist country (former a part of Yugoslavia) in southeast Europe at Adriatic Sea. Tourism contribution to the country’s GDP is approximately 20 percent. Picturesque fishing villages, old antique and medieval towns with unique architecture are among its tourist attractions. (By Jan Blazej – Zagreb, Croatia (eTurboNews))

Sept 26 (Hina): CROATIA THE BEST MEDITERRANEAN DESTINATION – FRENCH TOUR OPERATORS: French tour operators have declared Croatia the best Mediterranean destination in 2005, the Croatian National Tourism Board (HTZ) reported on Monday.

Croatia was selected the best destination because of its positive image on the French market which contributed to this year’s 70-percent rise in the number of French tourist arrivals in Croatia, the HTZ said. According to estimates, some 500,000 tourists from France will visit Croatia this year. Croatia was declared destination of the year (Voyage d’Or PRO-Destination de l’Annee) at the Top Resa business fair held in Deauville, France, last weekend..

20.09.05- Sir Rodger Holidays at ” Jewel of the Adriatic” Sir Roger Moore is the latest high-profile visitor to the fashionable coastal resort of Dubrovnik, until recently a little known gem which is fast becoming a hotspot for celebrities drawn by its historic charms. The Bond actor has been basking in the late summer sunshine on the Adriatic coast with his wife Christina Tholstrup…. By holidaying in the area, Sir Roger was following in the footsteps of supermodel Naomi Campbell and England footballer Rio Ferdinand. The city is also a favourite with Hollywood actor John Malkovich, who makes regular trips to the Adriatic. The Dangerous Liaisons star, whose family originates from the former Yugoslav Republic, has even bought property locally. During the summer he is a regular sight as he strolls along the alleys of the walled medieval city. read more

16.09.05Airline makes trolley dollies swim for their jobs: A Croatian airline is under fire for making would-be stewardesses strip down to swimsuits and show their skills in the water. Officials at Dubrovnik Airlines say staff have to be fully trained for all situations and have put out job ads saying that being able to swim is a fundamental qualification for the job. And they have set up a company ‘jury’ who will watch potential stewardesses take a special swimming test before they can start work, newspaper Vecernji List reported. But the ads have caused outrage with many Croatians blasting the company’s policy as sexist, especially as pilots do not have to undergo the same water tests. Trainee stewardess Mirna Perovic from Zagreb said: “It’s just an excuse for dirty old men to look at young girls in bikinis.”

31.08.05- LA Times: Charming trips to Zagreb and beyond:

Coastal villages, Roman ruins and emerald lakes are just three reasons to visit Croatia. Oh, and the prices can’t be beat. ITS currency and expenses are among the cheapest in Western Europe. Its flowering Adriatic coastline is among the world’s most scenic. And its coastal villages are a charming combination of Roman ruins, Venetian architecture and Austro-Hungarian excess. Add to this a variety of resort properties in various price ranges, and you have the reason Americans are choosing vacations in Croatia this year. The chief attractions are its coastline and islands — 1,240 miles of shoreline dotted with timeless fishing ports and 1,185 islands. Most visitors start their stays in the capital, Zagreb. And although it isn’t a compelling town, you might take time to relax at a cafe amid decaying Beaux-Arts buildings, tour museums and take the funicular up onto Gradec, a leafy hilltop district of Baroque buildings, to see the modern sculptures in Ivan Mestrovic’s former studio….read whole article

19.07.05 What’s There to Do This Summer in Croatia?- Latest Update From The Official Newsletter of the Croatian National Tourist Office :International Yacht Vacations & Charters Magazine reports

The New Zagreb-Split Highway officially open to traffic

On Sunday, July 26th 2005, the Zagreb-Split highway was officially opened to the public when the last stretch of the highway, from Vrpolje to Pirovac, as well as the Mala Kapela tunnel, was completed. The newly built Zagreb-Split highway, with a total length of 236 miles, creates an easier and quicker connection between northern and southern Croatia. It will take a traveler about three and a half hours by car, which is half the time it used to take on the “old” road. The road toll will cost 157 kuna one-way (approx. $25.00). This highway is really important to Croatia for numerous reasons. It is a strategic point for economic growth and tourism; it gives tourists a better opportunity of seeing everything that Croatia has to offer. The highway continues to be built all the way to Dubrovnik. It is expected to be finished in a few years. For more information contact cntony@earthlink.net

The unique “sea-pipe organ” plays in Zadar

Zadar has completed a 230 foot long underwater pipe organ that plays music as the tide comes inland. The organ consists of 35 large pipes that differ in length, width and slope, through which air flows and with this plays unique tones in which those strolling on the waterfront can enjoy. A pair of humpback whales also swam to Zadar to hear the soothing music of Zadar’s sea-pipe organ. For more information contact cntony@earthlink.net

56th Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July 10 -August 25)

The internationally well-known musical, theatrical and dance festival is happening in the unique historical stage-setting of the city of Dubrovnik. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is one of the oldest and the most prestigious members of the European Music Festivals Association. For more info visit www.dubrovnik-festival.hr

51st Split Summer Festival (July 14 – August 14)

During the annual Split Summer Festival, the city becomes an open-air stage with night-time opera and concerts. The Festival offers drama, music, dancing, as well as street, popular and elite performances. The festival combines traditional and contemporary culture, both Croatian and European, with performances by national and international artists. For more info visit www.splitsko-ljeto.hr

39th International Folklore Festival, Zagreb (July 20 – 24)

In 1966 The International Folklore Festival was established and since then Zagreb since been a vivacious meeting point for members of different nations and cultures, a stage for their music, dance, and other heritage. For more info visit www.msf.hr

Histria Festival in the amphitheater, Pula

The biggest town on the Istrian peninsula, Pula, is once again bringing unforgettable performances in its 3,000 year old amphitheater. This summer, you can enjoy breathtaking performances by Andrea Bocelli, Royal Russian Balet, Anastacia and many others. For more info visit www.histriafestival.com

45th Musical Events in St. Donat, (July 5th-August 8)

This international musical festival has been held since 1960 in the Church of St. Donat and other historical locations in the City of Zadar. Performers include renowned musicians from Croatia and abroad. For more info visit www.kuz.hr

Rapska fjera – The Days of the Middle Ages (July 25-27, island of Rab)

“Rapska fjera” is a traditional and authentically costumed event during which the Old Town of Rab is transformed into a medieval town. Around 300 costumed citizens of Rab show the guests through medieval crafts how people during the middle ages on the island were working, eating and celebrating. The program lasts for three days and takes place in the evening hours. For more info visit www.rab-supetarska.com

Motovun Film Festival (July 25-29)

This festival is a five-day marathon with daily film screenings from 10 a.m. until 4 a.m. The program is entirely dedicated to small cinematography and independent productions. In addition to an abundance of films, lectures, presentations and exhibitions, the Motovun Film Festival is also known for its great concerts and parties. For more info visit www.motovunfilmfestival.com

49th Summer Festival, island of Krk (July 22 – August 26)

The program of the Summer Festival in Krk encompasses opera, drama, monologues, ballet, concert performances (from early to contemporary music) and folklore, while performers will be renowned Croatian and foreign artists. Performances will be taking place both indoors and on open stages in the old city centre of the City of Krk. For more info visit www.krk.hr

02.07.05 – Balkan Surprise : Welcome to Croatia, the melting pot of hot. Where East meets West, the old is new, the young are worldly-wise, the wilds are pristine, and the 20th-century shadows of war are giving way to a hip and happening 21st-century place to find peace…. The Dalmatian island of Hvar is the sparkliest star in the thousand-plus-island constellation that sits in fixed orbit off Croatia’s 1,104-mile Adriatic coast, a thin sliver of lavender-covered hills tumbling down to secluded coves where swimming is less a choice than a pleasant obligation. …. read the whole article

27.06.05 – Croatia … now it’s a place to find romance: …Leaving the kids at home with Granny, we took a romantic spring break to Istria, the largest peninsula on the Adriatic coast, at the north-west corner of this beautiful country. And, yes, it really was romantic – even down to the nightingale who obligingly serenaded us on late night walks along the dark, moonlit bay at Rabac, a small tourist harbour town encircled with densely wooded hills… read more…

24.06.05 – New music band from Island of Korcula, Croatia ‘ Klapa Ivan Grozni’released today it’s first MP3 titled “Frane moja,vrag odni motore” – click for download!

23.06.05- Skyservice flies into Eastern Europe- Skyservice Airlines, Canada’s premier charter airline, is pleased to announce that it is offering direct flights to Belgrade Serbia and Zagreb, Croatia which commenced June 20th and 21st, respectively. “This is the second year we have offered these programs. Skyservice was the first North American airline to offer direct service to the former Yugoslavia in ten years. We’re looking forward to another successful season,”… read more

21.06.05 – Dispatch 9 : Kayaking Croatia : Vis is the furthest most inhabited island in Croatia, some 40 miles offshore. Komiza is its furthest most town. The combination of being far from land and the fact that the strong wind from the south, the jugo, which has been blowing for a week now . . . seems to be making everyone slightly mad . . . . These strong, non-stop winds can have mysterious affects on all people, but especially island people. Fishing catches decrease, and suicides increase. In the old days of the Dubrovnik Republic, when the jugo blew like this it was forbidden to sign contracts and punishments for crimes committed were lessened…. read more…

19.06.05 – A Peaceful Solution in Croatian Islands: ….The pretty islands between Split and Dubrovnik are rallying. Last week seven of us from the Chesapeake area toured them in a 41-foot sailing catamaran, stopping in at Hvar, Vis, Brac, Korcula and other picturesque outposts where 1,000-year-old towns spill down to the sea on lanes of worn, slippery marble. It’s a difficult region not to fall in love with, with its olive groves and grape arbors, delicious fresh seafood and wine…. read more

18.06.05 – Sail of the century – FJAKA is a Croatian word with no English equivalent. It’s telling that our language omits the term for a perfect state of mind; a state of tranquillity, contentment, ease and harmony with one’s surroundings and one’s self. No matter how stressed or anxious you may be at home, spend a week on a yacht exploring Croatia’s Dalmatian islands and you’ll find fjaka comes as second nature. Chartering a yacht for a week may not be the most obvious choice for a summer holiday, but the freedom and adventure of sailing, especially in a sea as beautiful as the Adriatic – one of the cleanest in the world – guarantees an experience you will cherish for years. Sitting on the sun-warmed teak deck, gazing at the horizon in search of dolphins, this state of ease, fjaka, finds its way into your bones. The rhythm of the boat’s movement through the turquoise ocean, the warmth of the sun and lungfuls of fresh sea air impart the sense of well-being that holidays promise but don’t always deliver. read whole article

07.06.05 – Terra Incognita 2004 available on DVD

An extraordinary documentary about Terra Incognita 2004 is available for the public. The 4 x 26 minutes series will take to to the magic destinations in Croatia and show you the experiences of the people that took a part in one of the toughest expedition races in the world. You can order DVD vie e-mail: ” This extraordinary story talks about the 5th edition of Terra Incognita. The race took a place in May 2004 in Croatia covering the region of Middle Adriatic. 25 teams representing 20 nations took their jouney into unknown adventure that lasted 5 days and nights covering over 400 kilometers of the wildest terrain imaginable. Some of them failed and some of them suceeded reching the finish line. This is a story about the most versatile athletes of today and about their fears, efforts, dreams and hopes. Terra Incognita in Croatia is one of the toughest expedition-style adventure race in the world. The race involves four-member teams that race non-stop for the five days and nights over 400 km through some of the most beautiful terrains on European Continent. Navigating over entire course the teams must overcome demanding challenges of mountain biking, sea kayaking, hiking, canyoneering and fixed ropes descending. In order to succeed they need to rely on their team-mates, their survival skills, and their mental and physical preparedness. Strategy of movement, resting, sleeping and planning of food supplies and proper equipment is crucial. If only one member drops out, the entire team is disqualified. It takes a lot of courage to start the race and only the most relentless will finish. Finishing this race is an extraordinary achievement. Winning Terra Incognita is beyond description.”

27.05.05 – God’s tears, stars and breath- It was in the Croatian sea that the Argonauts searched for the Golden Fleece and on the island of Mljet that Calipso imprisoned Ulysses for seven years.Gustav Mahler reorchestrated several movements of his 4th Symphony in Opatija, and James Joyce wrote while teaching English in Pula. Why does Croatia make so many appearances throughout history? Perhaps Shaw was right. Croatia won the Lonely Planet award for the world´s top destination for 2005, and, with 1,186 islands, is one of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. Clean sea, unspoiled nature and a rugged coastline, well equipped marinas, mild climate and fair winds are some of the reasons why Croatia is a favorite for boaters. The Croatian coastline, from north to south, consists of Istria, Kvarnerand Dalmatia. Here is a brief survey of some of the most well-known sailing destinations. read more

07.05.05- Cruising in Croatia– Voted by many as the travel hotspot of the year, Croatia is a destination not to be missed. The country has a unique combination of history and culture married with spectacular scenery and an excellent tourism infrastructure. And what’s more… it’s affordable! Weather-wise Croatia should ideally be visited between May and August, but the shoulder season of September is also a good time to go. It’s during this month that many off-season rates come into effect and the delicious fruits (figs and grapes) are abundant. read more

20.04.05 – Storks prosper in old Croat marshland village- Cigoc, some 100 km southeast of Zagreb, was proclaimed the first European Village of Storks in 1994, when the number of storks peaked at 250, compared to about a hundred, mostly elderly, villagers. “We can boast the highest number of young birds in Europe, on average six per nest,” said Niksa Ravlic, a young official at the local information centre. read more

16.04.05 – NEW Book on Korcula – Marco Polo’s Isle by Michael Donley – The Croatian Adriatic – the New Riviera. Surprisingly, this nickname is a good hundred years old; yet once again the area has become a popular destination. However, apart from guides and books of a political or academic nature, nothing has appeared in English for 25 years. Marco Polo’s Isle is thus a timely publication. In it the author offers an in-depth view of one particular island, but at the same time captures the spirit of Dalmatia as a whole. read more…

02.04.05- The Single Parent Supplement Stops Here!– Leading adventure operator, Activities Abroad, is delighted to announce a pioneering breakthrough in holiday pricing for the single parent. Now instead of the obligatory under occupancy supplement for being a sole parent or having to pay full price for one of your children, single parents will only have to pay one adult price at most of the company’s summer destinations. ‘This policy applies to our destinations in Turkey, Germany, The Czech Republic, French Pyrenees, Ardeche, The Alpes Maritimes in France as well as all of our holidays in Croatia and Slovenia.’ read the whole article

30.03.05 – Make a bigger splash- It’s no longer enough just to have a pool. These days we want villas with all the frills. Top ten villa tips: Remember when all we wanted was a simple gîte – a converted farm building in rural France with a small garden. We didn’t aspire to a private pool; a nearby lake was quite sufficient. And not only were we happy to lug with us sheets, pillow cases, towels and even the teapot, we were quite prepared to overlook the occasional mouse in the kitchen and tolerate the fact that the owner lived next door and was keeping a watchful eye on us. read more

20.03.05 – ARRIVE WITH THE SUNRISE – ANNOUNCING DIRECT FLIGHTS FROM USA TO CROATIA- Business group Astada and travel agencies Croatia Travel from New York and Vega International Travel from Chicago are announcing the start of direct seasonal flights from JFK in New York and O’Hare in Chicago to Zagreb and Split in Croatia.

Direct flights from USA to Croatia are finally here! After many years American Croats, their American friends, business people and numerous tourists will finally be able to travel directly starting on June 3rd from New York to Split.

Direct flights are operated by Trans Meridian Airlines, Inc with a fleet of 2 modern Boeing 757-200 ER. The plane carries 200 passengers: 190 passengers in economy class and 10 passengers in business class. The round trip flights from Chicago and New York to Split and Zagreb will make a short refueling stop on Iceland.

The flights will operate from June 3rd, 2005 to September 5th 2005, with 4 weekly flights from New York and Chicago. New York flights are leaving from JFK’s terminal 4 to Split on Fridays at 5:15pm, arriving at Split on Saturday 9:20am. Return from Split is on Saturday 11:30 am, arriving JFK at 6:05pm.

From New York to Zagreb flights leave on Sundays at 5:15pm, arriving Zagreb on Monday at 9:30am, returning from Zagreb on Monday at 11:30am arriving JFK at 6:05pm. From Chicago to Zagreb flights leave on Fridays at 2:15pm, and to Split on Sundays at 2:15pm, returning back to Chicago at 10:00 am arriving Chicago at 4:50 pm. Baggage allowance is 2 suitcases weighting up to 45lbs each, or 1 suitcase weighting up to 99lbs. Children have the same baggage allowance while infants have none.This is a great chance for the American traveler to experience a great moment in history. Direct flights will make your Croatian vacation more pleasant and give you an opportunity to discover the superior natural beauty and rich historical and cultural heritage Croatia has to offer! – direct flights from JFK USA to Split and Zagreb in Croatia

19.03.05- Follow the superstars to trendy Croatia : Bargaing Holidays from Global Holidays: …Dotted with more than 1,000 islands and plenty of marinas, Croatia is perfect for a yachting holiday. The most popular islands include: Hvar, famous for lavender; Korcula, the reputed birth place of Marco Polo; and Brac, known for its wine. Holiday travellers should be sure to visit Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has several excellent new hotels and an up-and-coming nightlife. Another worthwhile holiday stop is the ancient Adriatic city of Zadar and its nearby islands. This year’s hidden gem, the area is renowned for its Roman forums. read complete article

01.03.05 – The last edition of Terra Incognita, held in May 2004 will be broadcasted at on the Wold’s the most prestigeous sporting TV channel – Eurosport! Terra Incognita will be shown at adventure show “Escape“ on Friday, 4th of March 2005. at 23:30. on central European time. The race will be repeated next morning, on Saturday, 5th of March at 09:00hrs. The 15 minutes program will show 5th edition of Terra Incognita , representing on of the World’s most demanding adventure event. Also, it will present Croatias natural resources and tourist capabilities. More info about Terra Incognita 2005 you can find on official web site

13.02.05 – Croatia Special: That Riviera touch: the best of Croatia in summer 2005- Just for grown-ups : For adults, sand is less essential to seaside satisfaction, and there’s wonderful bathing to be had on Croatia’s coast. The only thing you need is an infla- table air bed to recline on between swims (more comfortable than a beach towel) and some jellies to protect your feet. Free of the demands of small children, you can reach some out-of-the-way beaches: handy, because in summer the main resorts heave with Brits, Germans, Italians and Russians. On the Kornati archipelago, you might even find an island all to yourself. Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Clint Eastwood have made sure of this, by each buying themselves one. read more…

11.02.05 – Lonely Planet declares Croatia as destination no1 – Lonely Planet, the world famous publisher of tourist guides, has declared Croatia to be the world’s most popular destination in 2005…One of those surveyed described Croatia’s nomination as follows: “The country attracts a wide range of travellers with its wealth of varied attractions, while at the same time it is not overcrowded by tourists. It has an excellent infrastructure which is able to meet the demands of adventurers and comfort seekers alike. This is Croatia’s year!” – read more

01/02/05 – Dubrovnik – Adriatic pearl recovers its lustre – BBC News : ….Now, more than a decade after the blockade, the town nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is recovering its lustre. Buoyed by a tide of tourists and a boom in property prices, Dubrovnik’s old centre has erased most marks of the assault. Holidaymakers once again crowd its polished marble streets, flocking to nearby beaches and an annual cultural festival, while the famous red-tiled roofs have been restored. read more

23.01.05 – Croatia gives up its treasures- Croatia’s little-visited interior, and overleaf, finds out what’s new this summer on the coast: CROATIA’S coastline may now be getting all the attention, but glance at a map of the country and you will see that it is shaped like a boomerang, with one blade pointing down the coast towards Dubrovnik and the other poking inland across the Pannonian plain. Few of us ever make it beyond the capital, Zagreb, so on a recent visit, I decided to explore the vast hinterland to the east… read more

11/01/05 – Terra Incognita Race – Croatia – – You can start registering for the 6th edition of adventure race Terra Incognita 2005 in Croatia.Terra Incognita is one of the toughest competition in the world. It relies heavily on teamwork, endurance and navigation as well as individual skills. Mixed gender teams of four race together for 400 km through a series of checkpoints to get to the finish line as quick as they can. To assist them they have mountain bikes, ropes, kayaks and personal equipment .. read more

10/01/05- Beautiful Croatia- Sljeme, as the mountain above Zagreb is most commonly known, will host Croatia’s first World Cup ski event this January.

02/01/05 – The Sunday Times – Travel : Alternative Croatia- the north of Croatia is opening up this year, with Croatia Airlines launching a new route from Heathrow to Rijeka. If you’ve done Dubrovnik, head to the Istrian peninsula, the Gulf of Kvarner or the island of Rab…. read more

01/01/05- A spectacular coach holiday to the Istrian Peninsula: ….For keen walkers, a 7-mile promenade called the Lungomare follows the shore to the former fishing village and resort of Lovran. It’s one of Europe’s most perfect seashore walks, with benches for relaxed enjoyment. By night, the path is illuminated the whole way. For those who wilt en route, there’s a parallel highway with buses back to base every 15 minutes. The old town of Lovran itself is a jewel of medieval and Venetian architecture. … read more

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