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Travelling by Car to and around Croatia

If you plan to arrive in Croatia by car, good source of all sort of useful information is website of Croatian Car Club ( HAK) or Via Michelin motoring website that gives route directions from Europe to Croatia. The roads and motorways in Croatia are of fair quality. In Croatia the rule is to drive at the right side of the road.

Car Rentals in Croatia


Documents: To enter Croatia by car, a driver”s licence, an car registration card and vehicle insurance documents (including Green Card) are compulsory.

Petrol stations :Petrol Stations are usually open from 7 am – 7 or 8 pm daily. It tourist areas, they are usually open until 10pm in teh summers. In larger cities and on main international routes on-duty petrol stations are open 24 hours a day. Petrol Stations sell Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super 98, Super plus 98, Normal and Euro Diesel fuel. For information on prices of petrol check links: www.ina.hr, www.omvistrabenz.hr, www.hak.hr

Speed Restrictions:

  • 50 km/h – within built-up areas
  • 90 km/h – outside built-up areas
  • 110 km/h – on major motor routes
  • 130 km/h – on motorways
  • 80 km/h – for motor vehicles with a caravan trailer
  • 80 km/h – for buses and buses with a light trailer

General traffic rules:

  • In case of rain adjust speed to conditions on wet roads.
  • Driving with headlights is obligatory during both day and night.
  • Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted
  • Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood: 0.0 per mill
  • Always wear a seat belts.

Motorways and Highways: Check following links for the latest updates on the road conditions and tolls:

Croatian Automobile Club:

  • This is National Autoclub of Republic of Croatia ( HAK). The club offers 24 hour technical assistance, and info of traffic conditionsIn case you need road assistance please dial 987 ( if you use the mobile phone you should dial prefix 01 if you are in Croatia or +385 1 from phone registered abroad) HAK Info center telephone os (01) 4640 800
  • Breakdown assistance at the roadside includes car repair and transport of broken down or damaged cars accidents (up to 200 km)
  • Official HAK representatives: – click on link to see HAK representatives at various parts of Croatia
  • Service Information by phone : By dialing (01) 464 08 00 one can get following information:
  • Condition on the roads and of ferry – traffic on the Adriatic
  • Toll prices in Croatia and abroad
  • Prices of fuel
  • About membership rights of HAK members
  • Advice about how to choose the most suitable travel route
  • Some ferry timetables
  • Information center is open 24 hours a day all year around. Official Website : www.hak.hr