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Tršce – a new educational walking trail in Gorski Kotar

A tourist-educational trail called “In the Footsteps of the Miners of Tršce” was recently opened in the settlement of Tršce, a small tourist destination in Gorski Kotar, Croatia.

The trail is over 6 kilometres long, and walking along it tourists can learn all about the way the local miners used to live.

Tršce is a settlement in Gorski Kotar located some 15 km from the small town of Cabar. It is situated on a plateau, surrounded by dense forests and many fields, and with so peaceful and gentle a surroundings, it is a destination attracting many lovers of the great outdoors.

There are particularly many in winter when the entire area slumbers under a white winter blanket and the skiing season kicks off in the nearby hills. Stretching above Tršce is Mount Rudnik with two ski trails and ski tow.

Tršce has many athletic fields, a large sports hall and a large natural stadium for all kinds of running and recreation, which is of interest for the athletes who come here to train. With the many hunting grounds in the vicinity there is also well developed hunting tourism available here, and the destination is also interesting on account of the proximity of other attractive outdoor attractions such as the source of the Kupa River and Risnjak National Park.

More info at Cabar Tourist Board www.gorskikotar.hr/www.tz-cabar.hr/grad.htm

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