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UCKA is pronounced ‘ uchka’. It is a mountain located in eastern Istria – the largest peninsula in Croatia. The highest peak on the mountain is Vojak that is 1400 m high. Other high peaks include Plas (1285 m), Suhi Vrh (1333 m), Brgud (907 m), Kremenjak (827 m) and Sisol (835 m).

It is also a long mountain – it extends for almost 20 kilometres – all the way from Poklon pass to bay of Plomin. The mountain has quite a few valleys and crossways as well as some caves too.

In climatic terms, Ucka is a huge barrier that, due to thermodynamic laws, forces warm air masses created over the Adriatic Sea to rise high above and getting suddenly cooler.

This process results in especially high rainfall in Ucka’s surrounding areas.

Therefore, vegetation and animal life on Ucka is very abundant. Coastal slopes of Ucka are covered in Mediterranean vegetation, while other parts are covered in oak and chestnut forests that give pleasant freshness in hot summers. The very summit of Ucka is worth to climb on if nothing else but of stunning panorama.

map-uckaThe panorama of Gulf of Kvarner bay includes sea and coastal towns, as well as the mountains in the background: Obruc, Snjeznik and Risnjak – National Park of Croatia.

On the western side, the whole Istra peninsula lies in front of you. Sometimes, if visibility is good, view towards the north reaches up to the Alps too.

Worth to visit at Ucka mountain are villages Vela and Mala Ucka, as they are the only villages that are located so high – at about 900 m! The main activity in these villages is agriculture and cattle as well as some tourism too. In the village Vela Ucka, there is a well-known inn, popular among tourists.

Boarding House Ucka – Address: Vela Ucka bb – Telephone: +385(0)51 603 340

Restaurant Dopolavoro – Address: Vela Ucka 9 – Telephone: +385(0)51 299 641

On Gulf of Kvarner coast, immediately below Ucka, all famous tourist resorts are situated: First – well known Opatija, with its luxurious hotels, and further along the coast Icici, Lovran and Moscenicka Draga.

Ucka has 5 km long tunnel Ucka too – a tunnel that connects Kvarner and Istria and provides easy access to Rijeka from the north.

More info about Ucka:

Ucka Mountain Map + www.pp-ucka.hr