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    There is now daily ferry that connects these islands with Dubrovnik and Split – see here:
    Also see our new Mljet ferry map:

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    Would you please let us know whether there will be a ferry or catamaran from Dubrovnik to Mljet, and returning from Mljet to Dubrovnik on the same day, Sunday 23 May, 2010 ?

    All ferries to Mljet are here:


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    Is it still possible to open those tracks in the next few years?

    well, i hope so, however, i doubt it 

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    I would like to travel by fast catamaran from Split to Hvar on Friday morning 16th October 2009 and return no later then 1500hrs.
    Is the ferry running that date because I am arriving at 7am on a Celebrity Cruise ship which departs at 1600hrs and
    I would really like to return to Hvar for a short time, it being some 25yrs or more since my last visit.

    as far as i am aware, all ferries/catamaran leave split in the afternoon, none in the morning..

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    i follow this page for weather forecast:

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    in reply to: zadar airport to split #16810


    when you arrive at the airport, ask where is bus stop for buses to zadar.
    once there, there will be plenty of buses going all night towards split.
    these two places are very well connected.
    price will be about 60 or 70 kuna one way.

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    …anyone who knows if there are any ferrys from Dubrovnik to Patras, Greece?../ Kicki,Sweden

    Nothing as far as I know  :-[

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    Are bicycles allowed on the ferry Rijeka to Dubrovnik?
    Is their ferry service from Rovinj to Rijeka?

    Yes, bicycles are allowed on ferry from Rijeka to Dubrovnik.
    There is no ferry service between Rovinj and Rijeka.
    Take bus instead.

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    I am planning on travelling to Croatia from Italy around May 25, 2009.  I would like to go to Krk.  My departure city is flexible- Venice, Arconas, etc.  What is the easiest way to get to Krk- train, ferry, etc.?

    Take any available transport to Rijeka:

    From there it is easy to reach Krk as it has bridge so you don’t need to rely on ferries.

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    yes, still valid – for years now…….

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    try this two links for train ticket prices:



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    yes, lot of buses run to dubrovnik from ploce. you will have no troubles  :-*

    in reply to: Jet2.com will fly from Belfast to Dubrovnik #16501


    Yes, good news. This is Jet2.com press release:

    New from Belfast ? Newquay and Dubrovnik from ?24.99!

    In addition to a number of new routes announcements across our bases, Jet2.com has today gone on sale with flights to the Cornish Resort of Newquay for Summer ’09 from Leeds Bradford and Belfast.

    So for Summer ’09 why not enjoy a bit of British and go for the classic Seaside holiday in the UK’s surfing capital!

    Also going on sale for Summer ’09 today from Belfast is Dubrovnik; this stunning Croatian destination offers beautiful scenery, idyllic beaches and delicious cuisine in a hot climate. Dubrovnik is fast becoming a trendy hotspot for clubbers to rival Ibiza so is a perfect Sun holiday destination for groups of friends.

    Flights from Belfast to Dubrovnik with Jet2.com start 2nd May ’09 from ?56.99 and Newquay flights start 24th May ’09 from just ?24.99 (both one way inc. taxes).

    Check out Jet2.com’s Low Fare Finder today!

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    Good evening. I wish you to give me some information about ferries timetables from Hvar to Korcula and from Korcula to Dubrovnik. I want to go with the car. I?m visiting Croatia in July.
    Specifically, I want to go from Hvar to Korcula the 9 th July, and from Korcula to Dubrovnik on the 10th. Is there any problem?

    Thanks a lot

    Jose (good match against Germany!!)

    Drive from Dubrovnik to Orebic and take ferry to Korcula ( 15 minutes one) . From there take ferry to Drvenik and then ferry to Sucuraj on Hvar. Thease ferries are serving every day few times a day so you don’t need to rely on Jadrolinija coastline ferries that are not as frequent as these


    I have just booked a flight to PULA and i am planning to island hop around the islands for 2 1/2 weeks. We have not booked any accommodation as yet, and we were planning to take a tent and camp. Maybe stay for a few nights in a hotel. Has anyone got any advice on what islands to visit. Also should I book all the campsites and ferries before I go. Also we cant drive so whats the best way to get around the islands ?

    Pula is bit further from islands,but you can consider that ferry that goes from Pula to Zadar, stopping on Losinj , Unije and Ilovik before reaching Zadar. https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/pula-zadar-ferry.php
    From Zadar visit Kornati islands and after that go down the coast to Brac, Vis, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet islands….
    You don’t need to book accommodation in advance if you are flexible and have tent with you as you can always find place to stay at either rooms or campsites.
    Two and 1/2 weeks is nice and long enough time to visit all islands. Use ferries, catamarans and buses and I am sure you will have great time 

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    yes, there are . it is called ” garderoba” 

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    If we take the ferry on Friday 4th July  from Sucuraj (on Hvar) to Drvenik and then the bus down to Dubrovnik.  Does anyone know how long the bus journey is and if the buses run regularly?

    Bus takes about 3 hours. Yes, there are plenty of buses running towards Dubrovnik.

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Bari #16279


    We would like to travel from Bari to Dubrovnik on Tuesday September 23 – is there a hydrofoil service please?
    If so – what is the cost?
    Very many thanks

    No hydrofoil on this line.
    Ferry is available – check and book here:


    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Pula #16266


    We are looking at catching a ferry from Dubrovnik to Pula.
    Date of Departure: around July 29th or 30th 2008 or even early August Four passengers: Ages 49,47,18 and 15 arriving by foot. Please advise.

    Hi Cathy, there is no ferry from Dubrovnik to Pula.
    Take ferry to Rijeka and then bus to Pula.

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    I am staying on Korcula Island and need to get to Bari by 5pm on July 4, 2008.
    I am looking at taking a ferry from either Korcula or Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy, hopefully arriving there on July 4? If thats not possible then the 3rd?

    This is the timetable :
    Jadrolinija 2/7/2008 departs 23:00 Dubrovnik arrival Bari 3/7/2008 08:00
    book online here :

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Korcula/hvar #16264


    …also, is going to the island of Lopud worth doing just for a day or staying over?
    The first ferry leaves at 10:00
    the last ferry leaves at 17:25
    any recommendations?

    Mljet is of course better option :

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Korcula/hvar #16263


    Im flying to dubrovnik on the 5th of july.
    i would really like to stay for the festival which starts on the 10th.
    but my girlfriend prefers the idea of heading to the islands as soon as possible.
    is the opening night worth staying for?

    We plan to travel to either Korcula, or right through to Hvar. havent quite decided yet.
    the only ferrys i found were for;
    wed 9th dubrovnik to korcula.
    thur 10th dubrovnik to korcula and then hvar
    sat 12th dubrovnik to korcula and then hvar.
    are these my only options?  or are there other ferrys/means?

    Opening night of Dubrovacke Ljetne igre is ok, but not worth changing your holiday plans for it.
    In my opinion, of course.
    Instead of ferries, take bus to Korcula, every day at 3pm.
    There will also be this fast ferry to Korcula: 

    From Korcula, take this fast ferry to Hvar : https://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/catamaran-korcula.htm every day at 6 am

    in reply to: Taking bus by ferry to Mljet #16219


    We go in croatia in may and june 08 with a camping car
    Can you give me price and time of the ferry:
    ferry line from Peljesac to Mljet (Trstenik on Peljesac to Polace on Mljet) and back
    We take the ferry 28/29/30 may 08

    Only Prapratno to Sobra ferry is currently running. Price for camper and 2 people is about 250 kuna.

    in reply to: Korcula to Mljet National Park #16218


    Hello!! My wife and I would like to visit Mljet national park and Korcula from Dubrovnik in one day and also to see the Moreska performance in Korcula in the evening and return to Dubrovnik the same day. Is this possible and if so how should we do it?? This would be in the beginning of June 2008. Also I believe the Moreska performance is only on Thursday???

    Not really possible in one day, sorry.

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    We are two adults (no vehicle) and would like to catch a ferry to Venice from Pula on the 2nd June 2008.
    Can you advise the ferry timetable and approximate time it takes to get to Venice from Pula.

    No ferry from VEnice to Pula on 02/06/08
    There is ferry at 03/06/08 at 5pm. Price : 118.00 EUR
    Booking and info is here : https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/booking.html

    in reply to: Ferry Split to Rijeka Schedule #16216


    Can you please give details about a possible trip from Rijeka down .  Two elderly people.
    How long would it take?
    How long do you stop at each port?
    Can we get off and rejoin a later ferry if we want to stop anywhere?
    How much would it cost?
    What is included in the fare? ie meals,
    What type of accommodation would be available?

    Ferry from Rijeka stops in Split, Hvar (Stari Grad), Korcula, Mljet ( Sobra) and Dubrovnik.
    It takes from 6pm to 4 pm following day, about 22 hrs.
    Stop at ports are about 45 minutes. Bit longer in Split.
    Yes, you can go off and rejoin later.
    Prices are here: jadrolinija.hr/pdfs/EUR-engl.DUZ.08.pdf
    No meals are included in the fares – see price list.
    Various cabins are available – again reffer to pricelist.

    in reply to: Ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar Korcula and Split #16215


    Hi there
    Could someone please help? All i can find it old ferry timetables!
    I want to go
    5th Oct AM – Dubrovnik to Korcula – stay o/night
    6th Oct AM – Korcula to Hvar
    8th Oct Middle of day – Hvar to Split
    8th Oct bus from Split to Zadar – arrive about 5pm.
    Could you give me links as well as times, and prices?

    Timetables are not all ready for October 2008. You would need to wait a bit longer.
    In theory, take bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula at 3pm, arriving in Korcula 6.30pm. Then take ferry from Korcula to Hvar, departs every day at 6am. Then take ferry from Hvar to Split ( not sure if you will have an option for mid-day one) but same ferry goes from Hvar to Split every day.
    For buses from Split to Zadar, you don’t need to worry, plenty of them are avilable every day.
    Prices, all between 35 and 90 kuna one way.

    in reply to: Booking Ferries in Advance? #15922


    On May 30th my wife and I would like to take  a ferry from Rijeka to Split. Since its an overnight ferry we’d like to reserve a cabin. How far in advance do I need to book this?
    I assume the other ferries we might want to take on the trip like Bol to Hvar and later Dubrovnik to Korcula we can book day of travel.

    If you are foot passenger you don’t need to book ferry in advance. Ferries are large with plenty of places. For cabin  book as soon as you know your dates although May is never very buzy.Good luck 

    in reply to: Venice to Opatija or Venice to Istria #15921


    Ferry Venice to Rovinj, Croatia 13th September 2008.
    Please advise me how much tickets are and what times ferry sail at.

    Ferry departs from Venice to Rovinj at 5pm, arrival 8.30pm, price: ?57.00
    Booking panel is here: https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/booking.html

    in reply to: Venice to Opatija or Venice to Istria #16134


    Just want to see the time table and the fares from VENICE to POLA and back in May !  Best regards Carita

    Ferries are not sailing in May. They start in June. Sorry.

    in reply to: Visit to Palagruza #16098


    I would like to visit Palagruza during the summer.
    I have my trip organized by travel agency and the lighthouse booked in July.
    But my question is – am I going to be able to be transferred there from Korcula?
    Have you got any ferries or fishermen that could be hired to transfer four persons to Palagruza???

    As far as I know, Hrvatski Svetionici Plov Putevi, the company that owns lighthouses, organize transportation to island for each guest.
    This is their website: http://www.lighthouses-croatia.com/lighthouses_apartments/lighthouse-palagruza-croatia.htm

    in reply to: Hotel Praga Dubrovnik Lapad #16097


    I would like to know if the Hotel Praga in Dubrovnik Lapad which my parents stayed at in 1936 still exists?

    Hi Susan, are you sure that was Dubrovnik, Lapad?

    I am asking that as I know there was Hotel Praha in Korcula (now closed)..

    in reply to: Wizzair flights to Zagreb #16091


    Hi there. I am trying to book flight from London to Zagreb for late September.
    At Wizzair’s website these flights are not listed yet.
    Does anyone know when these flights will be available for booking?  ???

    I also tried WizzAir’s flights search engine but no any info for late September 
    This is not a good news  :(

    in reply to: Private an apartment in Porec #16090


    Not sure what is your question  ???

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Venice by ferry #16089


    I would like to travel from Dubrovnik, Croatia  (or near by) to Venice in September-2 adults by ferry. 

    Hi Karen, there are not direct ferry lines from Dubrovnik to Venice.

    Take ferry from Dubrovnik to Rijeka and bus to Venice.

    Ferry timetable Dubrovnik to Rijeka is here:


    in reply to: Taking bus by ferry to Mljet #16055


    Or is there another possibility to get the bus with our 46 guests to Mljet in the Morning.

    Hi Petra, no need to charter new bus. Take your own one to Mljet 
    All you have to do is to take a ride for an hour towards the west from Dubrovnik to small place called ‘Prapratno’ at Peljesac Peninsula from which ferry goes to Sobra on Mljet Island.
    Here is current timetable:

    in reply to: ferry from split to brac,supetar? #16051


    Yes, this ferry take cars so you can take your car to Brac.

    in reply to: ferry from split to brac,supetar? #16049


    there is timetable of ferry from&to brac,split  in April  20-26 ?

    Yes, ferry sails from Split to town Supetar at Brac Island.

    in reply to: Ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula 20th March #16042


    I need to know if it is possible to get a ferry or catamaran between Korcula and Dubrovnik. Exactly in Thursday, 20th March. Which is the price?

    No catamaran sailing between Dubrovnik and Korcula in March. You can take Jadrolinija’s “Marko Polo” ferry that sails: DUBROVNIK 30.03.2008 , departure 09:00 ; arrival in KOR?ULA at 12:15. The price is 95 Kuna o/w

    in reply to: Flights to Dubrovnik – Family travel to Dubrovnic #16036


    If you can leave London to Dubrovnik  on Sun 27 Jul 2008  and come back on Sat 16 Aug 2008, the price for flight is listed at the moment as ? 153.

    in reply to: Flights to Dubrovnik – Family travel to Dubrovnic #16035


    Go to http://www.find-croatia.com/flights-croatia/ and click on Kayak icon.
    Search for flights from London to Dubrovnik.
    It will list you various companies that fly to Dubrovnik on that particular day.
    In “Chart” mode you can see the cheapest dates for flying so if your dates are flexible, you can adjust them for cheaper options.
    I hope this is good enough explanation :-)

    in reply to: Flights to Dubrovnik – Family travel to Dubrovnic #16024


    What is the cheapest way to travel to Croatia and then Dubrovnik in August. We are a family of four. So far I’m looking at flying to Zagreb from London with Wizzair or to Ljubljana with Easyjet. What would you recommend?

    If you fly to Zagreb or Ljubljana, it will take you long time to reach Dubrovnik unless you want to fly to Dubrovnik on local flights.
    I found, searching at our page : http://www.find-croatia.com/flights-croatia/
    return flight from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik on Croatia Airlines for ?142 per person.

    Details : London to Dubrovnik  Thu 14 Aug 2008 ? Thu 21 Aug 2008
    Timing : LGW 10:30  DBV 14:00 &  DBV 08:00  LGW 09:40

    It is reasonable price and no hussle with chenging airports, finding buses etc. Unless you want to visit Zagreb too..

    in reply to: Dubrovnik by train #15991


    Can I get a train to Dubrovnik? I can not find anything on the net. Thx.

    Not any more.
    It used to be possible back until 1970’s, when “Chiro” , the old train used to run all the way from Beograd via Sarjevo and Mostar to Dubrovnik, but it was closed and since then, there are no trains to or from Dubrovnik.

    in reply to: Mljet Ferries Pomena Trstenik #15860


    yes it is suspended.
    no ferry from trstenik any more.

    in reply to: Orebic to Hvar daytrip #15859


    Will we, realistically, be able to get to Hvar, spend some time, and get back in one day?

    Yes, this is no problem. take early morning catamaran from Korcula to Hvar and come back with same one in the afternoon.
    Here is timetable : https://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/catamaran-korcula.htm

    in reply to: Camp in September at the Croatian coast #15835


    I want to camp in September at the Croatian coast, but I don?t have a car – I will be travelling by bus. 
    Could you please tell me which of the campsites are accessible by bus and which ones do you recommend if I have just 5 days in Croatia? 

    Where about on the Coast would you like to camp? Which places?

    in reply to: Traveling between Hvar and Split #15825

    in reply to: Traveling from Dubrovnik to Split #15824


    For weather check this :
    Take a bus to Split. There are regular bus services running around the clock – check here > http://www.libertasdubrovnik.hr/voznired.swf /// Plus, all buses that run along the coast stop in Split

    in reply to: Dubrovnik in 3 days #15823


    If I am only spending 3 days in Dubrovnik next week, Sunday night through Wednesday, what things must I do?

    Go for walk along walls to see Dubrovnik Old Town, have a drink at Stadun (Placa) after or during sightseeing & visit island Lokrum for swim. That’s about it for 3 days.

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Split by ferry via Hvar or Korcula #15822


    Is it possible to travel by ferry from Dubrovnik to Split by going through Korcula or Hvar?

    yes, take jadrolinija ferry in dubrovnik to korcula. stop ove there , take fast catamaran ferry from korcula to hvar, stop over and carry on after thet with another ferry from hvar to split. it shoud be no problem.

    in reply to: Mljet Island arrival map #15763


    Good map to use for arrival on Island of Mljet is here:

    Nice map  Shame it is not in english 

    “Autom”  means ” by car”
    “Brodom” means “by ferry”
    “Avionom” means “by plane”

    To view map you have to click on green island Mljet

    in reply to: Mljet National Park Transport #15762


    We would like to visit the national park next summer, in july.
    Ferry arrives in Sobra that is to 20 km of the national park.
    We would like to know how to get at the national park from Sobra or if are there  some line of buses between Sobra and Porec or another one that arrives at Porec or port closest.
    Excuse my english.
    Thank you very much M.D.

    There is a bus that waits for every ferry / catamaran that arrives in Sobra and takes passengers to Mljet  National Park , Hotel Odisej and other places.

    Bus liknes are shown here : http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/mljet.swf

    You will have no troubles as buses are reliable.

    Porec is in Istria so to reach Mljet take bus to Rijeka and the ferry from Rijeka to Sobra. Check timetable on http://www.jadrolinija.hr

    in reply to: Dubrovnik Camping #15748


    Hi Katja,

    Nevio is nice campsite with bungalows in Dubrovnik region at Peljesac Peninsula near Orebic.


    in reply to: Split Airport to Split Harbour #15737



    I land at Split airport at 1510 on 18 July and want to catch the ferry to Hvar that afternoon at 1700. 

    Do you think I will be able to make it?

    Maybe if you take taxi from airport to harbour

    in reply to: Mljet Park #15707


    Here is map of the park :
    No cars are allowed in the Park itself (within yellow borders).
    You can use car outside the Park.

    in reply to: Mljet National Park #15701


    On a one day trip to the Mljet National Park what is the best way to get there and how do you reccomend we get around the park?

    Hi Connie,

    From which place you plan to travel to Mljet.

    Is it from Dubrovnik or from somwhere else?

    in reply to: Armin – new Croatian film #15700


    This is what Ognjen Svilicic says about the film :

    My film Armin is a story about father and a son. It’s focused on human relationships, and emotions that we all have. My characters come from Bosnia to the Croatian town Zagreb on an audition for a German movie. They are coming from a country devastated by war looking for better future.

    While this is the social and political environment of Armin, the human relationships are more important to me.
    It’s interesting that when this film is shown in the Balkans or in some other near European country, many spectators first notice the political issue, which is the less important part of Armin. That was the case at screenings in Croatia, Bosnia, Germany and Italy. Many people asked questions about the political situation that is the part of life for my main characters, father and son. On the other hand, people from countries that are farther from the region in which this film takes place first notice the father and son relationship.
    That was the case in Norway, for example. What I noticed in this experience is that the farther away I travel with my film, the more the audience is focused on human relationships. They are not familiar with the political issues, because their country is not involved.
    That is very important for me to remember: If I want to make a movie understandable to Eskimos, I have to tell the story about human relationships and their emotions. That’s why I looking forward to come to New York and Tribeca. If I can reach to the audience so far away from my country, that means that my film is speaking about something that is same everywhere – emotions.
    Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

    in reply to: Ferry from Hvar to Split 10/06/07 #15699


    These are ferries from Stari Grad on Hvar Island to Split, served on 10.06.07 according to Jadrolinija.hr :

    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 10.06.2007 05:30 SPLIT 10.06.2007 07:15

    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 10.06.2007 11:30 SPLIT 10.06.2007 13:15

    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 10.06.2007 17:00 SPLIT 10.06.2007 18:30

    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 10.06.2007 18:00 SPLIT 10.06.2007 19:45

    yes, you can buy ticket in Split in Jadrolinija agency at the Split harbour.

    in reply to: Ferry Dubrovnik-Mljet June 2007 #15679


    Great, so it is easy to hire something there?  So we could just take other ferries over instead of the car ones?  Any idea where we can rent scooters from on the island?  Would it be at the ports?

    Try these guys , they rent cars etc :

    Mini Brum” – Josip Hajdi? 
    Adresa: Sobra 33 
    20225 – Babino Polje
    Otok Mljet 
    Tel: + 385 (0)20 74 50 84 
    + 385 (0)98 28 55 66 
    e-mail: mini.brum@du.htnet.hr


    in reply to: Armin – new Croatian film #15665


    The premiere of the Croatian film ?Armin?, directed by Ognjen Svilicic, was held  at the 57th International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, within the ?Forum? section at the historical movie theatre ?Delphi?.
    The film made in a Croatian-BiH-German coproduction, deals with a 13-year-old teenager Armin and his father, who undertake a journey from their home village in Bosnia to Zagreb, as Armin was invited there to audition for a German film production about war in the former Yugoslavia.
    The possibility of getting work raises hopes of better times, but on arrival in the five star hotel in the Croatian capital, they realize that they’ve entered a world that seems like another planet to them and whose rules of the game they don’t know.
    The leading roles in that film, which is partly based on true events, are played by BiH actors Emir Had?ihafisbegovi? and Armin Omerovi? – Muhedin.

    Here is short clip and trailer from the film : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evT-RAr2k9w
    It’s really worth to see 

    in reply to: Croatian Films "Tre?eta" i "Sve d?aba" #15664


    Do you know is DVD of these films already available  ???

    Not yet.
    Here are some links for films:
    No trailers, no youtube rips nothing is available  :'(


    If hopefully catamaran Korcula via Mljet to Dubrovnik will last until September, take catamaran from Split via Hvar to Korcula, overnight there and proceed following day on other catamaran Korcula via Mljet to Dubrovnik.
    You need bit of luck with timetable though 

    in reply to: Bus Timetable Zagreb Airport to Zagreb City Centre #15662


    It is only in Croatian though 

    Yes Croatian only but self explanatory  :

    in reply to: Long weekend in Zagreb #15661


    OK go to zoo  , but Gornj Grad & Kaptol is must dont’ miss that

    in reply to: Favorite place in Istria #15660


    Groznjan. Art and Music  :-*


    It can be very dangerous to hike in the mountains on your own.

    If you hike with somebody you look after each other. This is very, very sad  :(

    in reply to: Ferry schedule from Dubrovnik to Mljet #15637


    Can you provide ferry (or tour boat) schedule for September 13 from Dubrovnik to Mljet?

    and returning same day?

    What are prices?

    It is still too early to know…

    in reply to: From Korcula to Dubrovnik #15613


    I need to go from Korcula to Dubrovnik on Monday May 28th, can you tell me what options are available please?

    Take bus that  departs at 6.45 am.
    No ferry on that day  :'(

    in reply to: Ferry from Bari to Dubrovnic #15612


    Would you please advise me if the ferry from Bari to Dubrovnic is still operating.
    I have had some problem contacting the Jadroninija company

    Geoff A.

    Yes, it is operating :

    Winter Timetable : https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/ferry-rijeka-split-hvar-korcula-dubrovnik-bari-winter.php
    Summer Timetable : https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/


    in reply to: Booking Campistes on Mljet #15606


    We are very interested in camping on Mljet this summer.

    Please could you let us know how we can find out more about the different campsites, and also how we can book.

    Have a look at this topic :

    in reply to: Camping in Croatia #15601


    Thanks for that.  I have checked the website which is the best I have seen so far.  The problem seems to be whether the sites will be open as most seem to open in May.  Does anyone know if this is so or will I be able to find somewhere to camp?

    Hi John,

    Although campsites might not be officially opened at the time of your travel, if you ask the owner ( they usually live within the premisses) I am sure they will let you stay.

    in reply to: Camping Sites on Mljet #15577


    How many camping sites do exist on Mljet island?
    I would like to come with a camping trailer.
    The only camping I found in the Internet is AC Mungos.
    But this Camping site is located in Babino Polje and not at the seaside.
    Do you have camping at the seaside in Mljet?

    :-[ no, there are no camping sites on island of mljet located at the sea shore.

    sorry  :'(

    read more about camping on mljet here:


    in reply to: National Parks from Zagreb to Split #15572


    You can also try hard way and travel by bus via Montenegro, Macedonia  or Albania to Greece. This is much harder but probably more interesting way.  ???

    in reply to: Travel is behind other sectors in action on the environment #15542


    I feel that travel industry is really crap about saving our planet.

    What do you guys think about this?

    I share your opinion Foggy. It is disturbing to see how greedy people can be.

    The latest news is about RyanAir and their outrageus proposal for free flights for people who will email Gordon Brown.

    Ryanair has promised a free flight to up to a million people who write to Gordon Brown to complain about air passenger duty.

    The airline says the increased tax is “highway robbery” and will do nothing to help the environment.

    But Friends of the Earth says this is just another bribery and scam.

    BBC news video clip is here : http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_6290000/newsid_6293400/6293487.stm?bw=bb&mp=wm

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    I would suggest Vegeta by Podravka :

    Vegeta ? the most famous Croatian brand


    Yes, Vegeta is good thing.
    I would also conisder to buy some dried fruit, something like dried figs or grapes.

    in reply to: Sky Europe Flights to Zadar from Vienna #15501


    Sky Europe flights to Zadar from Vienna will cost 19 Euros, including airport taxes and charges.

    I tried to book flight for that price, but was unsuccessful.

    Can you help?

    I just tried some dates at skyeurope.com, but airport taxes are always included : 55.19 Euros or 37.98 Euros, so the total fare is always higher than 19 Euros.

    Perhaps this is wrong info then?

    in reply to: Lapad in Dubrovnik #15487


    and please also if someone knows where ferry arrives from Split – is it Lapad or Dubrovnik?

    Ferry that sails from Split to Dubrovnik docks in Gruz – another part of Dubrovnik.


    Take bus from Gruz to Old town as this would be too far to walk.

    in reply to: Lapad in Dubrovnik #15486


    Hi everybody,
    I was offered room at Lapad in Dubrovnik and I am not sure is Lapad in Dubrovnik Town or out of the town and is it possible to walk to old town from Lapad?
    Thank you.

    Hi Johnny,

    Lapad is large peninsula right next to Dubrovnik Old town which is part of town of Dubrovnik, so yes, Lapad is part of Dubrovnik. (More about Lapad: https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/lapad/)

    To walk from Lapad to Old Town, it really depend where in Lapad you wil stay. If it’s in the eastern part of Lapad, then it’s about 1/2 hr walk to the Old Town, but if it’s in the west of Lapad, it would be too far to walk.
    However, you can always take bus no 2 or 6 to go to Old Town.

    in reply to: Pula Airport to Brijuni Islands #15475


    Thanks for your answer.
    How far is Fazana from Pula? how long the journey takes?

    Fazana is 8 km away from Pula.
    Bus jorney takes about 20 minutes, depending of traffic.

    It is pretty close, and buses runs from Pula to Fazana every hour or so.
    More often in the summer than in the winter.

    in reply to: Pula Airport to Brijuni Islands #15473


    I am planning to fly to Pula Airport and travel further to Islands Brijuni.
    Is there a regular public transport that connects these two places?

    Hi Alpesh,
    First, to reach Brijuni islands you would need to take bus from Pula Airport to Pula city centre.
    From Pula central bus station, take bus to Fazana ( small place north of Pula).
    In Fazana you can take 15 minutes boat ride to Brijuni Islands.
    Thiese boat trips are organized by National Park Brijuni.

    in reply to: Bus Zagreb Airport to city centre #15469


    How much is one way ticket from Pleso Zagreb airport to the town?
    Is it cheaper to buy return ticket?

    As far as I remember, ticket cost 25 kuna one way.
    No, there is no any discount for return ticket.

    in reply to: Zagreb Bookshops #15466


    Does anybody know is it possible to buy books in English in Zagreb?
    Is there english bookshop in Zagreb?

    There is a good bookshop with foreign language section called Algoritam.
    You can find this bookshop in Gajeva Street no 1

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