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    I’m planning a trip to Croatia in May, and am trying to get a reasonable estimate for driving times.  We will have a rental car.

    We plan to spend a night at Plitvice park, get up early, go to the park, then (early afternoon, maybe about 14:00), begin driving to Rab.

    How long should we allow for the drive from Plitvice to Jablanac (where we would take the car ferry to Rab Island)?  I would like to arrive in Rab (town) well before dark.



    Well, as best I can tell (from far away), this bus does run only on Mondays and Fridays.

    As it turns out, I think I will be able to manage our itinerary by planning to take this bus on a Monday, so it should work out for me.

    After I get back (late May 2012) I will report back in case it helps anyone else.


    Yes, but – unless I’m missing something, that ferry is the one that leaves from Split at 16:00.  It arrives at Hvar at 16:50, and then leaves for Korcula just 20 minutes later.  That means yes, you can get from Split to Korcula in one day, but you can’t really do what I’d like to do: get off the ferry in Hvar for a few hours, then continue on to Korcula.

    I’ve seen several sources that claim it’s possible to do that (ferry from Split to Hvar, get off in Hvar for 2 – 3 hours to explore, then get on a ferry onward to Korcula – all in one day).

    Maybe there’s an earlier ferry that leaves from Split to Hvar?  The only one I have found leaves Split at 16:00.  A morning ferry would be perfect,  Is there one?



    Thanks, Foggy, for the quick reply.  What you say above sounds great – this is exactly the bus I need – but I still wonder about the schedule.  Maybe I am not understanding the timetable on the ap-ljubljana.si website?

    When I check the schedule there, and if I request the timetable for Tuesday 15 May 2012 (for example), it returns the following information:


    then, when I click on the “itinerar” link, it shows this:


    Note that when I request a bus on 15 May, the dates displayed for the bus shows 18 May (Friday) – no?  I get the exact same results if I search on May 15, 16 or 17 (it shows the next bus on Friday 18 May).  I also see the same thing when I search in June or July (search for a bus on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday shows the bus on the next Friday), so it does not seem to be an “off season” issue.

    Am I reading/interpreting this incorrectly?  Does the bus really run every day, but for some reason (?) the schedule only shows it on Mondays and Fridays?  Am I reading the dates correctly?  Is their web site just broken?

    What you say (the bus runs every day) makes sense to me – I’m sure these towns are well connected – but I am a bit confused by the online schedule.  Are you very sure it runs every day (during May) – do you know this from recent experience or local knowledge (sorry, I’m just trying to be sure about this, since my time in the area will be limited, and I would hate to have to wait 3 days for the next bus!)?

    Many thanks again for the quick reply – I am very happy to have found this forum, looks like a great source of information.  I appreciate the help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)