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    I’m having difficulty with the http://www.akz.hr site. I think my Croatian is a little rusty

    A friend needs to travel from Zadar to Zagreb on Monday 7th July arriving by about 4pm. If I’m reading the AKZ website correctly, there are regular buses and it takes around 3 and a half hours? That’s a lot quicker than the train!

    Is Vrijeme Polaska “departure time” and Vrijeme Dolaska “arrival time”?

    If some kind soul could confirm I would be very very grateful!

    yes, yes, your Croatian is not soooo rusty  :D
    vrijeme polaska =departure
    vrijeme dolaska=arrival.
    yes, its pretty quick as thy use new motorway


    I’m hoping to find out prices and booking information in order to book a hydrofoil ferry from Hvar to Split on Thursday 24th July 2008 for two passengers (no car). We are hoping the arrive in Split early in the morning, so we have a full day to explore.
    I have had several unsuccessful attempts at trying to book a transfer via a travel agent and the jadrolinija website. I’m hoping you may be able to assist me with my enquiry and booking?

    Local ferries to Hvar are not bookable in advance. First come first served. All listing map and timetables is at this page: https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/ferries-hvar.php


    Is there a ferry from Dubrovnik, Hvar, or Split to Athens or Santorini or Crete on the dates of either May 24 or 25 for 2 passengers? 1 way? Trying to get from Croatia to Greece…

    No ferries from Croatia to that part of the world :-( shame :(


    Pls assist me with information about a ferry from RAB to ZADAR – on 30 june 2008 (only passenger / no car)

    No ferries from Rab to Zadar. Take bus down the coast. Before that take ferry Jablanac ? Misnjak ferry.The ride lasts for 12 minutes. You buy the tickets before entering the ferry at the charging office.
    The line is kept by Rapska Plovidba d.d. Rab. No advance bookings.


    We are needing a couple of jouneys. All are for two passenges and no car.
    The first is from Pula to Split/Hvar but i think the actual ferry will be from Rejika to Split on Thursday 15th May or Friday 16th May – one way only.
    The next ferry needs to go from Split to Hvar on saturday 17th May and return on Sunday 18th May.
    We then need to travel from Split/Hvar to Zadar on Sunday 18th May. This is one way.

    Rijeka to Split ferry departs RIJEKA on 16.05.2008 at 20:00 , arrives SPLIT following morning at 17.05.2008 06:00 . This ferry is bookable at jadrolinija.hr site.
    Ferries from Split to Hvar are not bookable in advance, all of them are listes at this page:


    We are two adults treaveling by car . We need to reserve from the Peljesac peninsula to Korcula on Thursday May 22 and then to either Hvar or Mljet on May 25 and return to Dubrovnik on May 28.
    Can you help us?
    Can we travel with our car or do we have to travel without it?

    Car ferry from Peljesac (Orebic) to Korcula you can not book in advance but there is always enough places in May.

    On 25/05/08 there is this ferry to Hvar:
    KOR?ULA 25.05.2008 12:35 STARI GRAD (HVAR) 25.05.2008 16:15

    From Hvar to Dubrovnik, the earliest ferry is on 31.05. So, instead, drive to Sucuraj ( Hvar)  and take ferry to Drvenik:

    If you decide to go to Mljet, take ferry back from Korcula to Orebic ( Peljesac) :

    Drive to Prapratno ( Peljesac) and take ferry to Sobra ( Mljet):

    Map: https://www.korculainfo.com/mljet/map/map-mljet-peljesac-ferries.html

    Timetable : https://www.korculainfo.com/mljet/transport/timetable-ferry-peljesac-prapratno-sobra-mljet.html

    From Mljet, take ferry back to Prapratno and drive to Dubrovnik.

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    From your response I understand that there are  two ferries on the 19th of August from Hvar to Split, one that it departs at 07:00 from Stari Grand and arrives to Split at 08:40 and another that departs from Hvar at 8:30 and arrives to Split at 10:00.  Could we book it trought Internet?

    Our problem is that in the web page of  Jadrolinija if we put on the departure port (STARI GRAND) there is not possibility to put SPLIT as an arrival port. Why? It is because we can’t book the tickets now and only we could buy them in Hvar?

    Hmmmmmm, you are right. I just tired Jadrolinija’s booking panel and no booking option for ferry Stari Grad to Split is displayed. I am not sure, it might be the bug in their booking system, not sure  :(


    Another ariticle is at http://www.travelmole.com/stories/1127953.php
    Lonely Planet plagiarism scandal

    An AAP report says that popular guide book giant Lonely Planet has suffered a severe blow to its credibility, with one of its authors admitting to plagiarising and making up huge slabs of his books.

    Thomas Kohnstamm, who worked on more than a dozen guide books for the publisher, has even admitted that he didn’t visit one of the countries he wrote about, saying he worked on the book about Colombia from his US home.

    “They didn’t pay me enough to go (to) Colombia,” News Ltd newspapers reported him saying.

    “I wrote the book in San Francisco. I got the information from a chick I was dating – an intern in the Colombian Consulate.

    “They don’t pay enough for what they expect the authors to do.”

    He also claimed to have accepted free travel, breaking the publisher’s policy aimed at maintaining the independence of its authors.

    Mr Kohnstamm’s confession is a severe blow to Lonely Planet, considered a bible to travellers all over the world.

    More than six million of its country guides are sold each year.

    Lonely Planet has conducted a review of all Mr Kohnstamm’s guide books, but says it has failed to find any inaccuracies in them.

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    I am having a hard time finding if there is bus service on Hvar from the west side of the island to Sucuraj.  We want to take the Drvenik to Sucuraj ferry, but don’t know if  bus service will be there to get us to Hvar town.

    At the moment bus from Sucuraj to Hvar is part of the route Split to Hvar.
    It is not daily bus it goes 2-3 times a week once a day.
    Leaves Split around 14.40, arrives in Drvenik around 17.15 and goes for Hvar from Sucuraj at around 18.00.
    All depends of ferry connection. Bus always waits for ferry.
    Other local buses are adjusted to school times, if it is school holiday they dont always run.
    The best solution is to take bus in Split that goes to Hvar and stick at it.
    Bus timetables are on this link: http://www.ak-split.hr/EN/vozni.red/VozniRedOdlazaka.aspx

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    Buses Korcula to Vela Luka :

    Monday – Friday (via ?rnovo – Pupnat – ?ara – Smokvica – Blato): 04:10, 06:15, 06:40, 10:15, 12:15, 14:10, 15:00, 18:30 /
    Saturday: 04:10, 06:15, 10:15, 12:15, 15:00, 18:30 /
    Sunday: 05:00, 06:15, 12:15, 15:00, 18:30/

    Journey time 50 min



    What we want are just flights to Dubrovnik then spend some time in Dubrovnik before moving on to the islands.
    Accommodation ideas for both places are welcome. I think I could post an new question for this though.
    We have upto 3 weeks in Croatia so have a budget to stick to. Any expensive places to avoid?

    August is most expensive month to visit Croatia or Dubrovnik, try to book self catering apartment somewhere not on seashore or with views, it is cheaper than sea views or old town Dubrovnik.


    Is Wizzair still flying to Split from London Luton?

    No, they are not flying at the moment, shame. Try Flythomascook for flights Manchester – Split, Birmingham – Split, Norwich – Split, Bristol – Split, London Gatwick – Split. Also, Easyjet for flights London Gatwick – Split and Bristol – Split. Flybe flights from Birmingham to Split etc. There are lot of options, Wizzair is not the only one 


    Hi, my girlfriend and I are planning to travel by ferry from Dubrovnik to Istria in May this year .
    Please, any advise on route and points of interest would be appreciated.

    How long you intend to spend in Croatia?



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    but those slow ferries are boooooooooooooooring

    I don’t agree TG 
    It is nice way to sail along our coast and pass near lot of islands. Of course, if weather in good it is even better, and of course if you are not in hurry.


    Thanks  Now I’m not sure where  to go  all places looks wonderful  :

    Why don’t you go everywhere 

    in reply to: Where to stay? #15816


    I like Rovinj because you can go for day trip to Venice fo 70 Euro. Not expensive.

    And it is easy to reach it from Venice if you fly to Venice.

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