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  • Vicko

    If these are all ingredients for perfect holiday, then it is deeply depressing  :'(


    this is difficult one. sorry, i’m not sure 


    Hello, I have a question concerning the campsites in korcula: We would like to stay in Korcula from sept., 23 to oct., 5 – is there any camping place which is opened at that time? We would like to stay around Korcula town.

    Camping Site Kalac is opened in September and October:


    Please can anyone advise on buses from Pula or ideally Pula Airport to Zadar.  I am landing at 10.30am on 3rd July and need to get to Zadar as quickly as possible (without hiring a private taxi)?
    Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated!

    It seems that ony bus that goes from Pula to Zadar leaves at 20.00 from Pula arriving in Zadar around 03.00
    Try to take any bus from Pula to Rijeka and from Rijeka there are lot of buses towards Zadar day and night.
    Search timetables  at this link http://www.autotrans.hr/index.php?c=timetable


    I have a yacht for two weeks out of Zadar (lucky me) I need to be in Zadar over the middle weekend to meet friends but I am otherwise free to go anywhere.
    Can anybody indicate their highlights – I dont want to be too prescriptive but just have an idea of some good places to take in?

    You are lucky indeed !!!
    There are loads of islands around Zadar, have a look at the map
    Just stay around there, visit Telascica bay at Dugi Otok and Zaut and Kornat and other smaller Kornati all are not far from Zadar. Stick with the islands, that is my suggestion. Kornati islands are Croatian national park.


    VeneziaLines runs ferries to Venice from Pula.
    Booking panel is here https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/booking.html
    Prices are same at all sites. Lenght of jurney depends of place from which you will leave. About 2.5 hrs.


    i am getting conflicted answers – and even more confusing on the jardolina site- I want to leave Split on September 1 with a car and two people to Stari Grad. Then on Septmeber 5th go from Sucuraj to Drvnik two people and a car – can I get some advice – also how can I book ahead? The Jardolina site says you can do on line booking – but i have not been able to do that. Thanks so much – I am about ready to swim!! Penny

    You can not book these ferries in advance, they are local ferries and are not bookable in advance.
    But you should have no problem as September is not very very very buzy.


    Does the Jadrolinja ferry run from Dubrovnik to Rjeka on June 2, 3 or 4? 
    If so, what time does it depart Dubrovnik?
    What is cost of car and per adult?
    (Printed schedules do not include this week between summer and winter schedules.)

    I found these two ferries:

    01.06.2008 departs 09:00 DUBROVNIK-  KOR?ULA 01.06.2008 12:15
    KOR?ULA 01.06.2008 12:35 STARI GRAD (HVAR) 01.06.2008 16:15
    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 01.06.2008 16:30 SPLIT 01.06.2008 18:10
    SPLIT 01.06.2008 19:30
    arrival RIJEKA 02.06.2008 07:00

    05.06.2008 departs 10:00 DUBROVNIK – KOR?ULA 05.06.2008 13:00
    KOR?ULA 05.06.2008 13:30 STARI GRAD (HVAR) 05.06.2008 16:30
    STARI GRAD (HVAR) 05.06.2008 17:00 SPLIT 05.06.2008 18:30
    SPLIT 05.06.2008 20:00 RIJEKA 06.06.2008 07:00

    Ticket price : 190 Kuna for foot passenger, for car 512 Kuna.
    Online Booking at jadrolinija.hr


    My husband and I wish to take a ferry from Split on May 21 or 22, 2008 with stops in Hvar and Korcula end up in Dubrovnik on May 22 or 23, 2008. If there are no ferries on those days, are there other boats we can travel on between the islands and the coast? We fly back to London from Dubrovnik on May 26, 2008.

    No ferries from Split to Dubrovnik are available on 21 and 22/05/08

    This is what is available:

    20.05.2008 07:00 SPLIT  – STARI GRAD (HVAR) 20.05.2008 08:40
    20.05.2008 09:00 STARI GRAD (HVAR)  –  KOR?ULA 20.05.2008 12:40
    20.05.2008 13:00 KOR?ULA- DUBROVNIK 20.05.2008 16:15

    24.05.2008 06:30 SPLIT  – STARI GRAD (HVAR) 24.05.2008 08:00
    24.05.2008 08:15  STARI GRAD (HVAR) – KOR?ULA 24.05.2008 11:15 
    24.05.2008 11:30 KOR?ULA-  DUBROVNIK 24.05.2008 14:30

    Also, fast ferry Split-Hvar-Korcula : https://www.korculainfo.com/ferries/catamaran-korcula.htm and take 3pm bus from Korcula to Dubrovnik : https://www.korculainfo.com/buses-roads-korcula.htm


    I was hoping to get a 2008 Krilo Catamaran schedule?  Specifically for the month of June.

    This schedule is not yet confirmed. It will be same as last year, though.
    Check here:


    I would like to have some infomartions about ferries’ schedules from KORCULA to MLJET.
    Our week holidays is from the 10th of may to the 15th of may.

    This ferry schedule is the one that is valid at your period:


    Please advise best and quickest ferry from Rovinj to Venice and back. 
    We would like availability on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9th, 10th and 11th September for 2 people on foot. We would consider staying in Venice overnight and coming back the following day.

    Ferry from Venice to Rovinj at 5pm, arrival 8.30pm, price: ?105 return
    Ferry booking panel : https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/booking.html


    Ferry Brestova – Porozina Timetable:
    Summer timetable is not published yet, but will be similar to this one.
    For Poliana Mali Losinj to Novalja Pag ferry: I am not sure about this one  :(


    Ferry map is at this link :


    (BTW – ignore Trstenik-Pomena one, this one is discontinued.)


    We are planning for next summer a cycling trip along the coastline of Croatia, Rijeka to Dubrovnik, for about 4 weeks. Anybody has experience cycling this coast road ?? Any advice would be very much appreciated re road conditions, driver’s behaviors, ferries etc. Thanks Bob

    My suggestion is to cycle along islands using ferries. This way will be much safer and more scenic. Ferries timetables are listed here : https://www.find-croatia.com/ferries-croatia/
    Drivers are not very patient with cyclist. Be careful.


    More cheap hostels in Zagreb are listed here: https://www.find-croatia.com/zagreb/


    Bellow is arrival / departure info for buses in Umag , clickto enlarge image
    It shows 5 arrivals to Umage from Pula per day, as well as 5 depatures to Pula.

    dep Pula 08:15 arr Umag 10:43 Istra-promet d.o.o. Umag
    dep Pula 14:30 arr Umag 16:47 Istra-promet d.o.o. Umag 
    dep Pula 17:15 arr Umag19:33 Istra-promet d.o.o. Umag 


    well, try go use ferry to go somewhere else – islands perhaps  ???

    also, car is good way to explore the coastline.

    the same would be with bus.

    in reply to: Sea Kayak #15781


    Peter, I am not aware of any kayak shops in Croatia 
    Why don’t you just google it?


    You obviously already like Zaton holiday village, and as I understand your only problem is that 2nd week which you have to spend in tent. Why don’t you explain people in Zaton about your pregnant wife and ask them to allocate you tent in shadow of the trees? If tent is in the shadows it will not be hot in it.


    Vis is the hippiest island 
    Link is here https://www.find-croatia.com/vis/

    in reply to: Dubrovnik to Pag #15772


    Maja there are no ferries from Dubrovnik to Zadar. Take ferry from Dubrovnik to Split or to Rijeka. If you choose Split, take bus to Novalja, if you choose Rijeka take fast ferry from Rijeka via Rab to Novalja on Pag. Depends how much time you have you may travel faster or slower via various places or islands.


    My husband and I planning to travel to Croatia in April 16-20, 2007 and have a few questions regarding travel arrangements.  We are flying into Dubrovnik and staying the first evening there. 
    We would like to visit to Korcula; however, we are unsure of the best way to get to the island. 
    Would you be able to tell us the best way to get to the island via Dubrovnik, i.e., boat and/or plane, as well as, the travel time from Dubrovnik to Korcula. 

    Take bus that leaves Dubrovnik at 3pm and arrives in Korcula at 6.30 pm.
    This is daily bus.


    We’re coming to Mljet in early April and want to travel from Pomena to Trstenik but can’t find ferry times.
    Can you please provide us with this information?
    Many thanks.

    I can’t find it either.
    Take instead Prapratno-Sobra ferry.
    Here is timetable:


    Thank you for this information. I might change my plan and go somewhere else. Can you recommend a camping site near Dubrownik or on the island of Korcula.

    Best regards

    I would reccommend Camp Kalac in Korcula – large campsite located on the seashore, on walking distance from the town. It has good facilities including grocery shop : http://www.korcula-croatia.com/camp-kalac.htm


    Bus fare to Pula from Pula Airport is 14.00 Kuna.
    Current price.


    I am conisdering to book a long weekend in April in Zagreb.
    Where to stay and what to see?
    Any suggestions?
    Kind regards Vito

    Well, hard one.
    Check with these people:

    Zagreb B&T Apartments
    Fully serviced apartments in Zagreb Short term renting – online booking Very nice serviced apartments for business and travel visits to Zagreb.

    Zagreb hotels : https://www.find-croatia.com/directory/places/zagreb/hotels/

    Cheap Zagreb Youth Hostel : Zagreb Ravnice Youth Hostel – http://www.ravnice-youth-hostel.hr/

    As far as what to see in Zagreb, it really depend what are you after.
    Check excellent Zagreb site : http://www.zagreb-touristinfo.hr/

    If you like outdoors ,  then go to Sljeme / Medvednica – best views of the city, perfect and clean air and good restaurants: https://www.find-croatia.com/natureparks-croatia/medvednica.htm + http://www.pp-medvednica.hr/


    I am trying to get from Zagreb to Plitvice by bus. Can you book in advance? Is it safe to travel that way? Any help is much appreciated.

    Yes, take bus from Zagreb to Plitvice. There are lot of daily connections . I don’t this bus company does advance bookings via internet, but check for yourself at Zagreb bus station:


    It is safe anywhere in Croatia to travel by bus ! As always, simply – do as locals do.


    hi all!!

    i’m planning a holiday with some friends in croatia. we would like to hire kayaks for around 4 days to explore the islands. being highly experienced, we dont want to take a tour. is there anywhere in dubrovnik to hire these or would we be better catching a ferry to the islands and hiring there.
    any help much appreciated

    There are couple of companies that do kayaking around dubrovnik, one of them is  Adriatic Sea Kayaking – Specialist in Sea Kayaking Excursions: http://www.adriatic-sea-kayak.com/. Try to contact them to see about hiring a kayak.

    As far as Island are concerned, it is possible to hire a kayak at I would say most of the  islands ( like at Korcula : https://www.korculainfo.com/adverts/canoeing/canoeing.htm ) around Dubrovnik, inclusive of Mljet ( the National Park) too.

    I found for you this:

    Trasparent Clear Kayak on Korcula Island!!!

    Imported all the way from Hawaii, this Sommer 2007 guests of our adventure excursions have that privilege to enjoy the unique clear kayak , first time introduced in Dalmatian Adriatic sea,… and it will be definitly great asset to our kayaks and glassbottom canoe fleet.
    Please contact us on our e-mail blazenka.franotovic@du.t-com.hr to reserv tour with us or to rent your own clear kayak this summer 2007 on Korcula island  for unforgetablle adventure!!!

    Sounds good to me 


    Hello Everybody,

    Visit travel guide to Mljet http://www.mljettravel.com
    Mljet is lovely island.

    Indeed, it is.


    Does anyone know if one can hire cars on the Isalnds of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep?

    We want to visit all of these islands without the wasting time going back to Dubrovnik each time.

    Thanks Petra

    Petra, there are no traffic on these islands, so no car hire 


    My question is about booking the ferry tickets.

    Is it possible to pre book passenger only tickets for the Ferries?

    Our route is Zadar-Split-Hvar-Korcula-Sobra-Dubrovnik.

    I tried Jadrolinija website, but no booking is available.

    Pleas help!

    Hi Fernando, no need to pre – book foot passenger places on Jadrolinija’s ferries.

    Jadrolinija have huge ferries and they take everybody on board, so you will be 100% safe if you buy your ticket on the spot.


    OK,thanks, sounds good.

    Is it possible , by any chance, to reach Buje by bus from Venice ?

    This might me better option as far as flights are concerned?

    Yes, bus from Venice to Buje is run by Brioni d.d bus company – it runs from Venice, via Trieste to Buje and then to Rovinj and Pula.
    You can go back that way too.


    Hello again,

    I would like to find cheap accommodation at Brijuni.

    I tried to search you site, but it seems there isno info about that.

    I preffer camping or private rooms / b&b.

    Can you help?

    At Brijuni, there is no private accommodation or campsites available. You can stay in hotels only and they are not cheap.
    I would suggest you to stay in Fazana or in nearby places and just do day-trips to Brijuni.
    There is plenty of cheap and clean private rooms and pansions on the Istria mainland, as wellas loads of campsites, so this should be the best and cheapest option.
    I hope this helps a bit


    What is diling code for Zagreb if I want to call from Poland?
    I try to call 0038501 and then number but it says there is error? ???
    What is wrong with this telephone number ??? ???

    Hi Peter,

    You have right diling code, all you have to do is to delete that 0 in front of number 1 if you call Zagreb from abroad.
    So, in case you are calling Zagreb from abroad, you have to dial ++3851 ( no 0) and then the rest of the telephone number.

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