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Velebit Croatia – Village Krasno in Eurovillage Project


Krasno, a village located on the high northern slopes of the Velebit mountain chain, is a unique small medieval predecessor place that in the past few years has drawn growing attention from hikers, cyclists, skiers and pilgrims.

At an elevation of about 800 metres above sea level it is one of the highest inhabited areas in Croatia. It is about thirty kilometres from Senj, this city under which whose administration it falls, while the nearest urban centre, the town of Otocac is only fifteen kilometres away. The area around Krasno polje (Krasno field) with its hamlets is a part of the Velebit Nature Park and is situated at the entry to the North Velebit National Park.

Although it previously, like other villages nearby, lived from forestry and the lumber industry, the village of Krasno has, with the development of indigenous products and attractions, become an idyllic tourist destination. In the world of culinary delights it is today known for its high quality and exceptionally valued Krasnarski cheese and by its Velebit “Travarica” (an eau-de-vie) made using medicinal indigenous Velebit herbs.

A ski run was constructed two years ago. The village of Krasno is also a unique pilgrim’s sanctuary. More and more pilgrims are every year visiting the local Shrine of the Virgin Mother of Krasno with as many as 200,000 people gathering on the Assumption Feast holiday.

Krasno is a perfect place for a break for tourists of varying demands and desires in an idyllic alpine setting. For accommodation it offers its guests around 300 high quality beds, mostly in bed and breakfast’s built in the traditional alpine style, while a hotel has been opened featuring 80 beds. The possibilities being opened by tourism have been recognised by the larger companies in the area, like the Senj Forestry Administration that recently renovated an attractive Foresters’ House, also home to a Forestry Museum.

Much more could, in fact, be said of Krasno, but anyone who visits it will best understand what is characteristic and unique about this idyllic tourist destination.

Because when the snow melts the skiers will be replaced by hikers, cyclists, strollers and other nature lovers, who will, depending on the season, decide when to take their break in Krasno. A particular reason why we have taken a look at this untypical tourist destination is the fact that this is, for the moment, the only Croatian village to be taking part in the Eurovillage project that is, across Europe promoting this kind of traditional village and supporting their further development.

Because of this we are confident that this description of an idyllic village may soon be broadened by many other tourist attractions whose services will reflect the tradition and wealth of customs of Krasno polje.

To read more about Senj and Krasno, visit official website: www.senj.hr/krasno. Alos, for more general info about area and region, visit official web of Lika-Senj County Tourist Board: www.lickosenjska.com

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