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Villa Elita Dubrovnik

villa elite dubrovnik

The Villa Elita which operates as part of the Dubrovnik hotel complex “Importanne Resort” is so far the most expensive tourist facility in Dubrovnik, whose price reaches 12000 Euros a night.

To date the title of the most expensive accommodation was held by the Villa Šeherezada at half the price and owned by the Lukšic Group.

The villa is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Lapad peninsula and was built in 1931 from the same stone from which the villas of the Dubrovnik aristocracy were built in the XIII and XV centuries.

It has two suites and four rooms and can accommodate only 12 guests, and as part of the villa there is a dinning room, a la carte restaurant, garden with beautiful fountain and marble terrace offering a spectacular view of the sea, an indoor pool, sauna, wine collection and of course a beach in front of the villa.

Aside from the superbly decorated interior, refined with art works of great Croatian artists and professional staff who are solely at the disposal of the guests of the villa, they will also have at their disposal an expensive fleet of vehicles and a speed boat for sailing needs.

Although the Villa Elita has only recently been opened and will be available to guests as of next year, from the hotel complex “Importanne Resort” we are told that there is already great interest on the market.

Aside from the Villa Elita the hotels Neptun, Ariston and Importanne Suites also operate as part of the Importanne Resorts and all are five star facilities.


More info on Villa Elita at Importanne Resort web  http://www.importanneresort.com/

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