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Village of Sinac near Otocac and Majerovo Vrilo


Renovated mills, at which grain was once ground into flour every day, are considered by many visitors to be more than just an everyday thing, and they see in them true monuments, rather, to traditional cultural heritage.

Besides, mills were a long time ago perhaps a traditional element of rural life, but their use saw a rapid decline on account of the modernization going on at the time, so that mills are today a true rarity. With the changes to our way of life, namely, our eating habits have also changed.

However, as with all new trends, the old ways have made a comeback, so that whole wheat bread has become a favorite of the inhabitants of many countries. With a return to this, much healthier, way of eating a love of whole wheat has also returned with which a love of the original method of grinding wheat has also returned.

The village of Sinac, situated not far from the city of Otocac in the Lika region, is a source of exactly this kind of traditional heritage, and significant funding has been invested over the past few years into its renovation. The mills are located in an area known as Majerovo vrilo where visitors can, besides the local architecture of these structures, get to know the traditional methods of grinding grains – wheat, rye, millet and corn. Visitors can take a hand at how grains were once ground and take a bag of “their own” flour with them.

Majerovo vrilo is, however, only one of the attractive tourist destinations in the area. The entire region is also unique on account of the stunning beauty of the Gacka River, well known as a rich trout habitat, so that thousands of visitors line the river every year, enjoying the trout and the unique surroundings of the Gacka valley. Read more about Continental Croatia and Lika Region

Otocac Tourist Board web page: www.tz-otocac.hr / Licko Senjska Tourist Board web : http://www.lickosenjska.com/index.en.php

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