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Vineyards and Wine Cellars of Ilok

vineyards of ilok When speaking of Ilok, Croatia’s easternmost city, for most people the first thing that comes to mind is good wine. This is, however, a city also known for its wealth of cultural heritage.

Visible monuments have remained of every historical epoch that vividly recalls former rulers and it is because of their characteristics that Ilok today offers an interesting tale for tourists.

It offers attractions like traditional fishing and walks along the Danube River from which a view shoots out to river islets on the Danube and to neighbouring Serbia.

There is a train ride organised for tourists that meanders through the city and its fertile vineyards, uncovering all the while other beauties of the landscape and the many cultural monuments.

More info: Slavonija + Croatian Food and Wine + City of Ilok Tourist Board web: www.tzvsz.hr/ilok.php+  Ilok Cellars web: http://www.ilocki-podrumi.hr/

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