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Visiting Zadar, Croatia


Zadar is one of the most beautiful towns in coastal Croatia. It has this distinctive flavour of the past mixed with contemporary.

Placed neatly on a small peninsula with shiny and polished stone streets it is somehow built to fit human measures. It is an ancient place, lovely in different seasons. Sacred arts, from architecture to liturgical objects are so rich and plentiful that even in repeated visits you will discover something new.

Remnants of the glory of the Roman empire with the biggest forum on the eastern side of Adriatic, structure of the city, beautiful medieval fortifications, oldest Croatian university, city loggia from 16 century and so much more can be overwhelming.

The main gateway in the summer is local beaches. In the town itself, there are few nice ones – Kolovare, Vitrenjak, Borik. Nearby are Kozino, Petrcane, Zaton. If one comes by boat there are three marines in short distance one from another. Restaurants offer fresh, healthy, mainly organic food from local countryside. If one prefers to cook on his own there is a green market daily supplied with fresh fish, meat and vegetables. It is without a question one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

Nested in the middle of the old town with its carnival of colors and scents it is fun to stroll through even without buying. For quick and economic shopping there are big and modern supermarkets and shopping malls with spacious parking lots in the city and its vicinity. The city has many coffee shops to enjoy cafe latte and observe motion and pictures around. During the summer season Musical nights in the church of Saint Donatus, the Theater Festival and an International competition of string instruments and guitar players called strings only are delights to visit. Zadar is very vibrant and interesting but in need of being closer to nature, you can do that too.

Literally, wherever you turn there is something that nature made breathtaking. Velebit, Vransko lake, Kornati archipelago, islands in plenitude … day trips, walking, driving, biking, swimming and diving … these are all open possibilities.

Flowers apartments and Sunny Home make your stay memorable in whatever season you pick. Do not forget that autumn brings prolonged summer, that in winter Mediterranean climate is friendly and nature tranquil, that spring does miracles with soft breezes and fresh leaves and flowers and summer is a crescendo of warmth and sun. We are here to make your stay comfortable and relaxed and give you chance to enjoy your time as a whole.

Zadar is well connected with the rest of Croatia and Europe.

The highway goes from Zagreb and down south via Split.

For those travelling with their own or rented vehicle, it is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to reach the Adriatic coast. The International airport can take you to any destination, trains and buses come from all directions and ferry lines connect islands with Zadar.

Longer ferry lines are a good way to visit some other Dalmatian towns or neighboring Italy ( Ancona and/or Pescara ). Renting a sailing boat is becoming more and more popular and it is another way to explore Croatia from the sea.

The author of this article is Edi Kovacevic. She is the longtime owner and manager of the Sunny Home and Flowers vacation apartments in Zadar and the nearby village of Kozino. 

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