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The island of Visovac (pronounced Vee-so-vatz) is located upstream from Skradinski Buk, in the very middle of Visovac Lake in the very heart of Krka National Park. The island features a 15th-century Franciscan monastery and Church wherein the perfect tranquillity one can look at the valuable library of books and manuscripts enjoying the perfect peace and quiet. The collection also features a small selection of seventeenth-century paintings.

Visovac and its monastery

Getting to Visovac :

Located not so far from Skradinski Buk (with Skradin as the nearest bus station), the island is reachable by boat from Stinice or boat from Remetic hamlets in the vicinity of Bristane village. The boats are run by Monastery’s vessels on Sundays (for free). The boat ride lasts just over 5 minutes.

Departures are as follows:

  • boat from Stinica to Visovac: Sundays at 09.30; 10.00; 10.30
  • boat from Remetic to Visovac: Sundays at 09.45; 10.15; 10.45

On all other days, the easiest way to reach the island is to take either an excursion boat from Skradin in Krka National Park or an excursion boat from Stinice and Remetic.

Excursion boat departures are:

  • Stinice – Visovac (departures Monday to Saturday): 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00
  • Stinice – Visovac (departures of Sunday): 9.30, 10.00, 10.30, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00
  • Remetic – Visovac (departures Monday to Saturday) 9.45, 10.45, 11.45, 12.45, 13.45, 14.45, 15.45
  • Remetic – Visovac (departures of Sunday): 9.45, 10.15, 10.45, 12.15, 13.15, 14.15, 15.15


  • Stinice – Visovac: 50 Kuna
  • Remetic – Visovac: 50 Kuna
  • Skradinski Buk – Visovac: 100 Kuna

Location Map of Visovac Island:

Visovac GPS Coordinates:

43.861599, 15.973448 /43°51’41.8″N 15°58’24.4″E

  • check Visovac’s location on an interactive map
  • More info: www.visovac.hr

Photos of Visovac:

Bird’s-eye view of Visovac Island and Monastery

Bird’s-eye view of Visovac Island and Monastery

Painting of Gospa Visovacka (Visovac Madonna) displayed in Monastery

Painting of Gospa Visovacka (Visovac Madonna) displayed in Monastery