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Vransko Jezero – Vransko Lake


vransko-jezeroVRANSKO JEZERO (VRANSKO LAKE), is the largest lake in Croatia, located in area called Ravni Kotari, northeast of Pakostane, near Zadar and Sibenik.

Vransko Jezero covers area of about 30 square kilometers of marshes and waters and is rich in fish and birds life, therefore Vransko Jezero is designated a special ornithological reserve too.

Vransko Lake is very popular destination for freshwater fishing holidays as well as for bird watchers. Various bird species can be seen around the Lake like egret, yellow egret, small white egret, cackling cuckoo, wild ducks, grebes etc.

The easiest access to the lake is from the main road at Pakostane (400 m) or from Prosika in Dalmatia.

In the near vicinity of Vransko Lake is camp ‘ Crkvine’ – a large campsite located in the woods, good as accommodation alternative.


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