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Walk along Parenzana Railway Track Route in Istra

A new tourism project was launched in Istra : The Parenzana – a route of Health and Friendship.

Parenzana is an old railway track from the early 20th century that linked Trieste, Kopar and Porec, passing through much of the Istrian interior.

The railway has now been completely overgrown, but the route passing through wilderness, right next to many Istrian towns and old fortifications will take tourists on an adventurous trip to unusual places that offer experience of places and people, incomparable to the traditional form of tourist sightseeing of the usual destinations.

The Parenzana Code Kit is an exploratory and enigmatic guide book through which, step by step, parts of the fascinating mosaic of the past and present of Istra and the highlights of the Parenzana are revealed. It is a volume of maps with directions on how to orient along the Parenzana and information necessary to break the code. The maps are numbered and the basic assignment is to discover the proper order they are to be read in order to solve the Parenzana Code.

The code covers the area from Buje to Vižinada, and tourists can head out on foot or by bicycle to solve the enigmatic code, all with the help of the maps, and depending on the mode of transport one can solve the riddle in a day or more.

Along the 123 kilometre route they can get to know some of the most attractive places in Istra: Buje, Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Završje and Kostanjice. The project will be further developed and the opening of a small Parenzana Museum in Livade is in the works, as are ethnological workshops and cycling races.

A DVD is being produced with 3D effects of the train passing, cycling maps as is other promotional material and the installation of information and road signs.

More info at the Parenzana Project web : www.parenzana.net and at Istria Tourist Board: www.istra.hr

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