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Walking in Lokve, Gorski Kotar

If you want to experience walking in the nature, the picturesque settlement of Lokve and its surroundings are an excellent choice for an walking weekend in Croatia.

Lokve are situated about thirty minutes drive from Rijeka and about an hour and a half from Zagreb, right in the heart of Gorski kotar – Croatia’s highlands.

The area around Lokve offers numerous natural attractions – Lake Lokve (Lokvarsko Jezero), the Golubinjak Woods park, the Lokvarka cave, located right next to it is the Risnjak National Park, while Lokve itself offers attractions adapted to an active vacation in the open.

There is something else, however, that makes Lokve special – their trademark is a frog, and it is no wonder that much of the Lokve tourist and gastronomic offer is based on this green amphibian.

A frog jumping competition is organised there in April, unique in the entire world. A frog museum has been opened in which visitors can get to know more about the entire life of these amphibians, try frog-shaped candies and the local Lokve liqueur called Frog’s Blood (Žablja krv) made of the blueberry, blackberry and raspberry that flourish in the area.

Blueberries are a summertime product of Lokve and are the base of a wealth of local cuisine – gnocchi with blueberries, wild boar steak in blueberry sauce and a ladyfinger jelly featuring these tasty berries. During other parts of the year the menu also includes dishes based on other seasonal foodstuffs – mushrooms, fresh trout, wild game etc.

Besides the natural beauties Lokve offers variety of accommodation for walkers and hikers in local houses and cottages all year around.

More info at Lokve Tourist Board web: www.tz-lokve.hr

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