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WEATHER FORECAST for Sailors in Croatia


The rule is that the person operating the ship must at least twice a day carefully monitor and analyse the weather forecast, the one for navigators.

We can receive forecasts over the television and radio news, internet and mobile services and weather-faxes. However, most often it will be via the ships radio station.

The actual weather forecast of the State Hydrometeorological Institute or its Maritime Meteorological Service in Split, which has been around for fifty years, is constantly emitted to channels of coastal radio stations and port authorities.

They are updated three times a day, at 5, 12 and 18 hr and they apply to the first twelve and second twelve hours counting from the time it is repeated.

Marine coastal radio stations emit the weather forecast exactly at the determined UTC time. On the Adriatic, both Croatian and Italian coastal radio stations can be heard.

Port authorities continuously emit weather reports and warnings for mariners on their VHF channels. The report is automatically repeated in four languages with a short interval between each cycle and they are updated four times a day.

The most complete weather forecast for mariners with a series of data, maps and satellite pictures today are the ones on the internet.

The forecast of the State Hydrometeorological Institute may be viewed on the web page www.meteo.hr, and for those interested forecasts of the status and strength of the wind can go directly to a specially detailed forecast on http://prognoza.hr/karte.php?id=aladin&param=&it=. This forecast is most often used by yachtsmen.

There are many foreign services with web forecasts for the Adriatic. The most detailed and useful meteorological service on the web, weatheronline.. Their pages titled “Maps”, “Sailing” and “Expert Maps” are a real treat for sailing enthusiasts. They are full of climate data, current weather situations and seven-day forecasts for our more important cities, with the option of showing forecasts for a specific region, along with tables with the direction and speed of the wind in intervals of three hours, seven days in advance.

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