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Weblinks of Croatian Lesbian and Gay Websites

Weblinks of Croatian Lesbian and Gay Websites:

  • Zagreb Pride (www.zagreb-pride.net) is the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, inter sexual and queer (LGBTIQ) protest-march and manifestation held in Zagreb, Croatia. It first took place in 2002 and has been held every June/July since. It is the only Pride in Croatia, and it is also of great importance for the neighbouring countries that are unable to organize Pride events due to the prevailing socio-political climate. Zagreb Pride supports any LGBTIQ effort and will provide help and assistance in order to organize Prides throughout Croatia as well as in other countries of Eastern and South-eastern Europe.
  • Queer Zagreb Festival ( www.queerzagreb.org)- After successful last year’s festival that was marked with presence of some of the biggest figures of contemporary dance expression, controversial video projections, motivated discussions, artistic considerations on porn industry and fashion, we are happy to announce new edition of Queer Zagreb Festival.
  • Gay Croatia – Gay.hr – Croatia Gay Portal – gay info, gay news, gay forum….
  • Cro-lesbians – Cro-lesbians is the largest and most comprehensive source of information for lesbians in Croatia. ( mostly written in Croatian, some parts in English language)
  • Kontra – The official site of the lesbian organisation Kontra in Zagreb. ( mostly written in Croatian, some parts in English language)
  • balconn.com – lesbian connections for Balkan Countries – Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, BIH
  • QUEERIA – Where queers feel at home – ex – yugoslav gay site – english language too – Queeria is LGBT group working within Socdemocrat Youth.
  • Iskorak – Croatian national LGBT rights organisation. (croatian language only)
  • LORI – Lesbian organisation LORI in Rijeka – Croatia. ( croatian only)
  • HUHIV – Croatian Association of HIV+ people. (english and croatian language)
  • Global Club – Global Club in Zagreb – Croatia – night club – gay friendly (english and croatian language)
  • Queer Zagreb – Annual Queer Zagreb festival. (english and croatian language)
  • Queer Osijek – Annual Queer Osijek festival.( croatian only)
  • Decki.com – Decki [boys].com is a popular gay lifestyle webzine. ( croatian only)
  • DECKI S KAMERAMA – Croatia video conferencing and webcam croatian gay website.
  • Gay Slavonija – Gay Slavonija is a regional site for the region of Slavonia in Estern Croatia]. Profiles, galleries, news and ads. ( croatian only)
  • HR Pride – The site is dedicated to Croatian LGBT youth. Articles, news and ads. (croatian only)
  • SEZAM – Information and sexual education for teenagers and youth.( croatian only)
  • Gay Split and Dalmatia – about Gay Split – ” Today its inhabitants are loud, bright and attractive people but somewhat conservative and when it comes to gays extremely coutious. That being said, this city is also meeting point for gays from all over southern Croatia as well as Bosnia.”

Croatia for Gay and Lesbians – The gay movement in Croatia is today led by gay, lesbian, feminist and Human rights organizations. These groups can be found in the biggest cities.

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