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Modernisation of Zadar Airport

Zadar AirportZadar Airport, located in Zemunik, the place near Zadar, is currently undergoing substantial construction work, which is expected to be completed by mid March.

The works will extend the main passenger terminal building by erecting additional space and improving the building interior.

To make further improvements, the local road that slices Zadar Airport runaway will also close. This is expected to happen by the end of July.

Zadar Airport is in the process of signing a contract with Ryan Air for the Zadar – Dublin and Zadar – London connection.

Also, German Wings, low cost air carrier from Germany will fly to Zadar from Stuttgart and Köln from March 2007.

Beside these two airlines, Sky Europe will fly from Vienna to Zadar from April.

For Zadar Airport, this year will be important, since this is the first year that low cost airlines will fly to Zadar.

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