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Zadar Attractions : The Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ

sea-oragan-zadar1The Sea Organ, and the somewhat newer urban installation Greeting to the Sun by architect Nikola Bašic, are two landmarks of the city of Zadar attracting public attention and representing a contemporary addition to the cultural/historical and ambience-related values of this city.

Next to the famous Sea Organ on Zadar quay and near the cruise pier, the Greeting to the Sun by the same architect now shines as well.

The Greeting to the Sun consists of three hundred multi-layer glass panels set on the same level as the quay paving, in the form of a circle having a diameter of 22 meters. Beneath the conducting glass panels are photovoltaic solar modules providing symbolic communication with nature for the purpose of communicating – by sound in case of the Sea Organ, and by light in this case.

Concurrently with the “most beautiful sunset in the world”, the lighting fixtures built into the circle are activated, producing an exceptionally impressive game of light to the rhythm of the waves and the sound of the Sea Organ according to a preprogrammed scenario.

In the daytime, the photovoltaic solar modules absorb solar energy, transform it into electricity and deliver into the voltaic distribution network. The info display reads the current electricity consumption, and the entire system is expected to produce around 46,500 kWh a year. This is actually a small power that will be used both for the Greeting to the Sun installation and the lighting of the entire quay. The energy will be up to three times cheaper than the existing energy, while the project itself is a unique example of combining renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and urban space development.

In cooperation with Prof. Maksim Klarin of the Zadar Maritime School, the names of Zadar saints, after which the present and former churches on the Peninsula were named, have been entered into the ring surrounding the Greeting to the Sun. Each name is accompanied with the declination and height of the Sun and duration of sunlight on the relevant holiday and in that place on the quay.

This highlights the connection between Zadar and the Calendar of St. Krševan who made a great contribution to an indication of time and astronomic navigation in its very beginnings. As a solar system model with the accompanying planets, the Greeting to the Sun installation is connected with the Sea Organ. This is actually a piece of specifically formed coast in several rows of stairs descending to the sea for around 70 meters in length. Beneath them, 35 pipes of different lengths, diameters and inclinations are built into the coast. The pipes contain whistles playing seven accords and five tunes, providing for the music of sea-driven air.

Both installations situated on the Zadar quay attract great attention of both the visitors and the professional audience, representing an additional motive to come to Zadar, a city of rich monumental heritage, including among others the Church of St. Donat from the 9th

century, the most famous medieval basilica and a city trademark.

More info: see a video of Zadar Sea Organ. Zadar County Tourist Board www.zadar.hr and Zadar Tourist Board www.visitzadar.net + Zadar Travel Blog

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