Zadar is a Croatian city located between Rijeka and Split, not far away from Sibenik. It is a few thousand years old town and it was the capital of Dalmatia for many centuries. The Zadar peninsula still preserves very old network of narrow and charming city streets, as well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD.
The pre-Romanesque Church of St. Donat dates back to the 9th century, and it is certainly Zadar’s most famous spot.

The town is also well known for having the attractive Romanesque churches: Cathedral of St. Anastasia from the 13th century and Church of St. Chrysogonus from the 12th century as well as the church tower of St. Mary dating back from 12th century too. The town is fortified with medieval walls, distinguished for their pretty and impressive ports – entries in the city all dating back to the sixteenth century.

Throughout history, Zadar was the centre of key Croatian and Dalmatian cultural events: the establishment of the first Croatian university (1396), the writing of the first Croatian novel (1536) and the publication of the first Croatian newspaper. The famous permanent exhibition of sacral art and the traditional St. Donat Musical Evenings represent only a small part of numerous cultural events that Zadar offers to its visitors.

Zadar Archipelago

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Getting to Zadar: Being located at the very centre of the Croatian coast is easy to get to from almost all places in Croatia. There are frequent buses riding north and south along the Croatian coast and inland to Zagreb and Osijek. There are regular ferries and excursion boats ( in the summer) to visit nearby islands of Zadar Archipelago. Kornati Islands, Telašcica Bay Nature Park on Dugi Otok are all in the vicinity of the town. The Rijeka-Dubrovnik coastal ferry used to stop in Zadar at around 1 am in the night but was discontinued a couple years ago. There is some indication this ferry will be reintroduced soon.

Flights to Zadar – the town has its own airport, Zadar Airport, that is located about 8km of the town. Various air companies fly to Zadar Airport, most of them in the period between April and October. Croatia Airlines, the local air company does domestic flights to Zadar from Zagreb and from Pula … Various air companies fly to Zadar Airport, most of them in the period between April and October. Croatia Airlines, the Croatian local air company does domestic flights to Zadar from Zagreb and from Pula.

Airport: Zadar Airport (ZAD), locally called “Zracna Luka Zadar” is located in Zemunik Donji, a small place about 8 km from the Zadar city centre, and its railway and bus stations… read more

Buses: Zadar is very well connected by buses from various places in Croatia. It also has its own local bus more + see Zadar Bus map

Trains – Zadar is connected by four daily trains from Zagreb, which proceed further to Sibenik and end up in Split. There are two fast trains daily from Zagreb to Zadar that take about 6 and 1/2hours (different train to change at Knin). Zadar railway station is located in the centre of the town, next to the bus station and it has only basic facilities. The ticket office is open 7.30 am to 9 pm daily. Contact info : Zadar Railway Station, Ante Star?evi?a 4, Zadar

Zadar Ferries: Ferry Zadar-Ancona-Zadar Timetable and info: Ferry Ancona – Zadar is Jadrolinija’s ferry line that sails between Ancona in Italy and Croatian port of Zadar. The ferry line is in operation all year round… check the timetable

Ferry Pula – Unije – Mali Lošinj – Ilovik – Zadar timetable and Info – convenient ferry line for connection between Zadar and Istria.

Zadar ferries update:For most comprehensive listing of all ferries to and from Zadar, check Zadar Ferries @ CroatiaFerries

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  • Zadar Attractions: The Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ
  • Visiting Zadar – Placed neatly on small peninsula with shiny and polished stone streets it is somehow built to fit human measures. It is an ancient place, lovely in different seasons. Sacred arts, from architecture to liturgical objects are so rich and plentiful that even in repeated visits you will discover something new… read more
  • St. Donatus’ Church from the 9th century – unique in Europe
  • Forum from the 1st century at the time of Emperor Augustus – the largest explored Forum on the eastern side of the Adriatic
  • The Monastery of St. Francis – treasury and oldest gothic styled church in Dalmatia
  • St. Stosija’s Cathedral from the 13th century is one of the most beautiful samples of Romanesque architecture in Croatia, with floor mosaics dating from the 5th century.
  • St. Grisogono’s Church from the 12th century – belongs to the best samples of Romanesque architecture in Croatia
  • Bell Tower of St. Mary’s Church from 1105 is a fine example of Romanesque architecture; it was built by the Croat Hungarian King Coleman
  • The Churches of St. Peter and Andrew the Elder from the 5th – 6th centuries
  • St. Simon’s casket with the saint’s body is the most valuable sample of medieval Croatian goldsmith workmanship
  • The fortification walls with a first rate renaissance Land Gate from the 16th century
  • The Sea Gate with an incorporated Roman arch
  • The Permanent Ecclesiastic Art exhibition- where the main exhibits are gilded religious objects in the shape of relics, as well as pictures from the churches of Zadar and surroundings.

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More info : Tourist Board :, Sv. Leopolda B. Mandica 1, 23000 Zadar , Croatia

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