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Zadar’s Sea Organ and Skradin Bridge nominated for CEMEX Building Award

sea-oragan-zadar1The Sea Organ of  Zadar and the suspension bridge at Skradin, both built in Croatia in the last two years , have been nominated for the prestigious Cemex Building Award 2006. The prize will be awarded in November this year in Monterrey, Mexico, the city where Cemex’s head office is located. The best world structures will be chosen among structures built in 35 countries worldwide, decided by the international panel of judges.

Zadar’s Sea Organ (see photo) is a real music instrument built into Zadar’s harbor and sea front. The structure is seventy meters long with about thirty five organ pipes built in concrete. The pipes are located so that the sea water and wind movements produce sounds that are heard by passers by so that it achieves a communication with nature and promotes a unity of architecture and environment. As sea forces and energies are unpredictable in terms of tides and winds, this organ offers never-ending concert of numerous music variations in which the performer is nature itself.

skradin-bridge1 The Skradin Suspension Bridge is part of recently built Split-Zagreb motorway. It is built over river Krka and features a large arch that is about 200 meters wide. Due to it’s unique location, the views from the bridge are truly breathtaking : the green canyon of the Krka River near Skradin and to the other side of Prokljansko Jezero (Lake Prokljansko) . This viewpoint has already become one of the favorite stops for motorists to have a break and enjoy the views. The building of the bridge was completed in 22 months which was a great achievement too. Also, with this bridge, the connections between Zagreb and Split was reestablished.

About CEMEX:

Cemex is the cement market leader in Croatia. Its three cement plants and four terminals serve predominantly the coastal, central, and northwest regions of the country. The company’s two ready-mix concrete facilities and aggregates quarry are located in the western part of the country. Extensive distribution channels enable the company to supply the market more effectively than competitors. Cemex web site : http://www.cemex.com.hr/

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