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Zagreb : Exhibition of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures and drawings

Works of Alberto Giacometti, including his sculpture ‘The Walking Man’ is opened in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb  to 8 January 2017.


The exhibition called “Alberto Giacometti – sculpture, drawings, lithographs ‘Portraits of the Present‘”, is a part of the series “The greatest sculptors of the 20th century”, after a brilliant exhibition of Miro, and Rodin in the Art Pavilion, the pavilion’s director said at a news conference in Zagreb .

Giacometti’s works borrowed from the French Foundation Maeght includes twenty drawings and just as many lithographs and sculptures.

Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman and print maker, was born in Borgonovo, Graubünden Canton in 1901 and died in Chur, Switzerland, in 1966. In 1922 he moved to Paris to study under the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, an associate of Rodin. It was there that Giacometti experimented with cubism and surrealism and came to be regarded as one of the leading surrealist sculptors. In the late 1930s, Giacometti abandoned abstraction and Surrealism, becoming more interested in how to represent the human figure in a convincing illusion of real space.

Although the 1950s art world of both Europe and the United States was dominated by abstract painting, Giacometti’s figurative sculpture came to be a hugely influential model of how the human figure might return to art. His figures represented human beings alone in the world, turned in on themselves and failing to communicate with their fellows, despite their overwhelming desire to reach out. (source: Hina)

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