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Zagreb: Snow Queen Trophy 2009

 For the fifth time in a row,  Zagreb will be the host to the best slalom women skiers of the world, while the competition for men skiers will be held for the second time.

The competitions will be held on Sljeme, the highest point of Mount Medvednica during the night.

Women’s slalom at the Audi FIS World Cup “VIP Snow Queen Trophy 2009” will be held on January 4, while the men skiers’ competition will be held on January 6, with both races taking place at night.

Except excellent trail and top organisation, the World Cup is traditionally known for unique atmosphere created with the city interaction, its inhabitants and the participants of the competition.

Zagreb is one of the rare European capitals having a park near the city centre which can be walked to. Mount Medvednica and its highest point – Sljeme (1033 metres)  are an interesting destination for Zagreb inhabitants and their guests in winter and summer. With great choices for rest and recreation, Sljeme attracts during the summer months because of considerably more pleasant climate and temperatures several degrees lower than in the city.

During winter, Sljeme is a place for skiing, sledding and enjoying fresh air and winter idyll. Regardless of the weather, Zagreb residents and their guests use every free moment for escaping to nature, but also for the enjoyment in the catering contents. On Sljeme, there are many accommodation objects and the catering is well-known with many local specialities.

Because of the intimate emotional connection between Zagreb and Sljeme, the residents host the skiing elite with a heartfelt welcome and they cheer on all the skiers equally. Read more at  www.zlatnimedvjed.hr and find more about Skiing in Croatia

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