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Zoo hotel – a new hotel in Osijek

osijek-zoo-hotelA new ZOO-hotel recently opened its doors in Osijek, capital of Slavonia, yet another step forward in the effort of the people of Osijek to make their city, the largest in eastern Croatia, one of the most attractive in the tourist offer of inland Croatia.

The reconstruction, widening and adaptation of the old structure in the fortalice near the Osijek zoo was launched three years ago with Unikom, the municipal utility company, and the City of Osijek, appearing as investors, and the new ZOO-hotel was opened in late November 2007.

Over ten million kuna has been invested into the project to date, and as much remains to be spent. In selecting and installing the material, equipping and outfitting the interior, the Unikom management was led by the aim that the hotel receive a four-star rating.

With the aim of expanding and upgrading the existing hotel offer, as future projects, the investors have announced they will build an indoor swimming pool and a wellness facility. Also in the works is the expansion of the building with a further six storeys that should increase the number of rooms from the current nineteen to forty or fifty.

The spring will see the launch of work on another parking lot with 220 parking spaces, and 2008 should also see the development of the left bank of the Drava River where there is a plan to build a golf course, a dog hotel in the frame of hunting tourism, two tennis courts and one artificial turf 5-a-side soccer pitch.

Along with the hunting offer, Osijek intend to expand the sports & recreation offer to fishing and to purchase a boat on which children would be educated on environmental preservation.

A village courtyard is to be developed, a veterinary service needed for the zoo and an education area for the youngest visitors of the zoo, for whom a small train would be set up in which to tour the zoo.

More info : http://www.zoo-hotel.com/

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  • visitor2 on May 8th, 2008 1:20 pm

    I visited Osijek on 04.05.2008 with some Croat friends who thought it would be nice to see the “new” Zoo. The hotel was nice if slightly odd – who in this day and age has zebra/leopard/tiger immitation skins chair covers?
    The Zoo itself was horrific; some four or five enclousers were reasonable size but most of them were tiny with animals crowded inside. They had no space, suroundings were devoid of any interest, they paced up and down the edge of the cage ( classic sign of stress ) and almost none had any water. The aligators were probably in the most awful conditions I have ever encountered. As for the huge python – it is impossible to describe.
    There were no staff around – during our time there we did not see one member of staff – and the visitors kept throwing bits of food to the animals. How stupid is that?! When did you last see llamas eat salty chips in the wild? . And they had no water to help with all that salt.
    One totally stupid father kept pushing his two year old girls hand into the encloser to feed llamas – I was astounded.
    Lions enclouser had a very insecure looking second rate wire fence which looked as if at one time it was cut open and just tied back with a bit of thinish wiring.

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