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Žumberak – Samoborsko Gorje



Žumberak is a hilly region in Hrvatsko Zagorje, in vicinity of Croatian capital Zagreb that cover area of about 300 square kilometers, rich in beech and chestnut forests as well as various caves and abysses and underground streams. Zumberak is very rural area where main activities are linked to farming. Zumberak’s villages are scattered around pastoral slopes of the hills on the hights above 400 m, hills that are covered by neat wineyards and fileds. Main villages of Budinja, Stojdraga, Gornja Vas, Ostrc and Sosice, are located along the roads that connects Zumberak with Zagreb and rest of Croatia.

zumberakZumberak range (Gorjanci) is located in the border area of Croatia and Slovenia. A smaller part of the range – Samoborsko Gorje (Japetic, the highest top,hight 880 m) has been hikers and walkers destination for houndered years.

This part of Zumerak has many marked trails and paths, one of the Karlovac Hiking Transverse that pass throught attractive countryside that includes Sopote Waterfalls on Kupcina river as well as Slapnica brook therefore mountain climbing, hiking, hunting and angling are very popular in the area of Zumberacko Gorje. Villages and old hill-forts and feudal castles are very attractive to see and walk around as well as to climb to the highest peak, Sveta Gera (1,178 m) on the very border with Slovenia.

zumberak2There are several small and cozy villages worth to visit while in the area – Sosice, Ostrc, Tomasevci, Kalje, Stojdraga, as well as many on the Slovenian side of the mountain. All of them are connected by roads with larger places – Samobor, Bregana, Jastrebarsko and Ozalj.

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